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02 Jun.,2022

The company takes honesty as the foundation, relies on quality for survival, relies on innovation for development, improves management level internally, and enhances competitiveness externally, and is growing day by day with the unremitting efforts of all employees.


Company Profile

Shandong Xinfaruijie New Material Technology Co., Ltd. was established in July 2005. Since the 15th anniversary of its establishment, the company has formed the core competitive advantage of "taking the market as the guide and technology as the driving force", taking meeting the needs of the market and customers as the company's duty, and taking high-quality service as the ladder of enterprise progress, with high quality and high price. Inexpensive products and services have laid a solid foundation for enterprise development. For more than ten years, the company has grown from small to large, from weak to strong, and the registered capital has changed from 600,000 yuan at the beginning of its establishment to 5 million yuan now. The company's total assets have reached more than 20 million yuan. In 2005, the company sold 200 tons, and the sales income is 2 million yuan. In 2015, the total sales volume was 9,000 tons, and the sales revenue reached 80 million yuan, an increase of 40 times in ten years. It has grown from a small-scale private enterprise to a professional synthetic ester production enterprise with strong technical force, complete testing equipment, complete supporting experiments and production equipment.

The company takes honesty as the foundation, relies on quality for survival, relies on innovation for development, improves management level internally, and enhances competitiveness externally, and is growing day by day with the unremitting efforts of all employees. First, the variety of products continues to increase. From the initial production of glycerol monostearate, pentaerythritol stearate, etc., to the perfect rubber and plastic additives products: monoglyceride (GMS), pentaerythritol stearate (PETS), plasticizer A , fatty acid zinc, rubber dispersant RF-5, etc; ), trimellitate (TMT), neopentyl polyol ester (NPE), dipentaerythritol ester (DIPE), diisooctyl adipate (DOA), diisooctyl sebacate (DOS), Neopentyl glycol dioleate, trihydroxy coconut oleate (TMP), etc., there are more than 50 mature products, and new products have been developed according to customer and market needs. Second, the scope of business radiation continued to expand. At present, the business covers all regions of the country, from Heilongjiang in the north to Hainan in the west to Karamay in Xinjiang in the east and coastal cities in the east. Currently exported countries include South Korea, Africa, Russia, South America, the Middle East and other regions. The third is the continuous improvement of product quality. Production safety accidents have been reduced year by year, the rate of unqualified products has been reduced year by year, and the qualified rate of products has reached more than 99%. Fourth, the company's output value achieved steady growth. The output value reached 55 million yuan in 2011, 60 million yuan in 2012, 68 million yuan in 2013, 75 million yuan in 2014, and 80 million yuan in sales in 2015, achieving steady growth in sales. The profit and tax contribution to the country is also growing. Fifth, the scale of the company has continued to expand, and the management has become more standardized. The company's employees have grown from a dozen people at the beginning to more than 80 people, including 2 doctors, 4 masters, more than 30% of them have bachelor degree or above, 2 senior engineers and 5 engineers. The reactor has also developed to 1T, 1.5T, 5T, 10T, 20T different models to meet the production needs of various products with different demands. In 2006, it obtained import and export rights, and realized the import of raw materials and the export of products.

Only innovation can become a leader, and development and innovation is the last word.

About rubber and plastic additives: In October 2005, monoglyceride and pentaerythritol stearate were produced; in order to adapt to the market, the color of monoglyceride was improved; R&D and production adjust formulations and processes to address these issues. We have been the holder of a patent for the invention of pentaerythritol stearate. According to the needs of customers and the market, the production of fatty acid zinc began in June 2006; the rubber and plastic additives produced in batches include rubber dispersants, plasticizers, etc. At the same time, the laboratory has improved the production process of the existing products according to the market needs. The production process of food-grade molecularly distilled monoglyceride and high temperature resistant pentaerythritol stearate has been perfected.

About synthetic ester base oil products: In January 2007, the production line of synthetic ester base oil was added under the leadership's keen market insight, and the production of trimellitate, trimethylolpropane oleate, pentaerythritol oleate, and now Mature synthetic ester base oil products include monoesters, diesters, polyol esters, etc., which can be divided into two categories: saturated esters and unsaturated esters. After several years of exploration, the types of synthetic ester base oil products have been improved. The same product has different models, which can meet the needs of different customers for different purposes and different quality requirements. However, we are not satisfied with the status quo, and improve the production process of the mature products, keep improving. In order to reduce the production cost of NPE and improve the production efficiency, the dosage of catalyst was reduced through research, and good results were obtained, and the product price was also controlled; after the adjustment of the SOS-B process, the product was nearly colorless; after the adjustment of the isooctyl sebacate process It shortens the production cycle, improves product quality, and also controls production costs, so as to provide customers with better quality and cheaper products.

According to customer requirements, the company has developed pentaerythritol dioleate, glycerol tristearate, Span 80, Span 85, glyceryl tristearate oleate, dihexylene glycol dioctyl adipate, RJ- 40. More than ten new products, such as trihydroxyisononanoate, have been tested and approved by customers.
In the past two years, the market demand for synthetic ester refrigeration oil has increased significantly. According to customer requirements, we have processed and OEMed synthetic ester refrigeration oil, which has been exported, and there is no problem in use. In addition, the higher viscosity NPE-7 developed by the company has been used as a raw material for refrigeration oil, and the effect is good.

Through exchanges with domestic scientific research institutions and experts, the company has successfully developed epoxy plasticizers, and all indicators have met the requirements. The role of epoxy plasticizer is to replace DOP and be used as a non-toxic and environmentally friendly plasticizer.
Through unremitting efforts, in 2015, the company has developed isononyl isononanoate and isooctyl palmitate used in the field of cosmetics. The development of such new products will open up new market areas for us and is expected to be the next profit growth point.

The changes along the way have witnessed the brilliance of the whole way. In the past ten years of Shandong Xinfa Ruijie Chemical's development, it has become a leader in the domestic production of synthetic ester products. With a professional and dedicated attitude, we strive to make synthetic ester products and strive to become the industry leader.


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