COE Provides Five Servo Feeds to Genco Stamping

06 Mar.,2023


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COE Press Equipment has shipped five servo feeds to Genco Stamping

COE Press Equipment recently shipped five new Servo Feed machines to Genco Stamping, a provider of ride control components such as struts, shocks, suspension and more, located in Cookeville, TN.

Two of the servo feeds are 12" Series 3 roll feeds, capable of processing high strength 12" wide steel coils up to 60,000 PSI yield in thicknesses from 0.030" to 0.125" with a roll speed of 80 FPM. The third feed is a 12" Series 4 model for processing MCRS up to 40,000 PSI yield in thickness up to 0.212" and a roll speed of 367 FPM.

The other two lines are also Series 4 servo feeds-one 18" and the other 24"-for processing MCRS up to 40,000 PSI yield. The 18" can process 0.212" thick material at 9.50" wide at 396 FPM and the 24" can process material thickness from 0.020" to 0.187" or up to 0.210" at 12" width, achieving 367 FPM.

For more information contact:

COE Press Equipment Corp.

40549 Brentwood Drive

Sterling Heights, MI 48310-2299


Genco Stamping

2001 Genco Drive

Cookeville, TN 38506


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