When to Use Water Filled Barriers and Why

03 Mar.,2023


The company has a group of cooperation teams engaged in the Water Filled Barrier industry for many years, with dedication, innovation spirit and service awareness, and has established a sound quality control and management system to ensure product quality.

Maximising workplace safety should be the top priority in every company. When choosing the right equipment for the worksites, sporting events, temporary work zones and construction sites, it’s essential that equipment is practical and safe. Water barriers have proven to be a tremendous solution Australia wide, with little to no flaws and a wide variety of uses such as;

  • Crowd control

  • Using heavy-duty barriers in emphasising work sites, temporary work zones and sectioning of pedestrian traffic 

  • Defining highway exits

  • Diverting traffic

  • Event safety 


This article will discuss

  • The practicality of water barriers and how they will save you time and effort

  • The safety aspects of water-filled barriers 

  • Their cost-effective nature 

  • Different benefits of their use

  • Why it’s important to consider the safety of workers

    on one side of the barrier and pedestrian traffic, motorists and cyclists on the other.

Why are Water Filled barriers practical?

Plastic barriers are made of heavy-duty, UV stabilised polythene.This makes them light, maneuverable, 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly. Plastic barriers can be placed, interlocked and then filled with water once in their correct position, guaranteeing a quicker setup time which can be vital when it comes to construction and events. 


Why water barriers are the safer option

Water barriers are designed to absorb the impact rather than deflecting it or only providing a visible barrier. With the condition of safety in mind, companies that didn’t result in using plastic barriers turned to witches cones or water barrels. These methods of roadside safety present their own hazards. For obvious reasons, there is little protection from a car flying into a barrel of water and next to no security at all when it comes to witches cones, only a visual barrier. While witches cones are practical in some circumstances, it’s not exactly an exceptional substitute; it would be pointless trying to use witches cones for crowd control.

The ongoing battle against vandalism to work sites and construction sites can wear thin. Witches cones are easy to steal, and barrels are easy to drain and move.  Water-filled plastic barriers are fitted with an anti-tamper plug to avoid vandalism and theft. 

Visual Safety 

Studies show that, on average, yellow cars are significantly safer than any other vehicle, measured by the number of crashes per year. This is due to the colour and visual presence on the road. Nothing changes when it comes to roadside safety equipment. Council workers are fitted with high visibility clothing and why shouldn’t the barriers protecting them. A motorist is more likely to see a brightly coloured plastic barrier in the distance, abling them to be proactive and merge early, this also generates a better flow of traffic. 


The cost-effective side of safety 

Armorzone Water Barrier’s are suited to roads sitting at a 50 kmph-70 kmph, all roadside worksites have a reduced speed limit making it safe to use water-filled barriers and also cost-effective. Most sporting events, festivals and expos run off a shoestring budget looking to cut costs safely wherever they can; why not cut costs and increase safety at the same time?


Other Benefits of Water Filled Barriers

  • The material used for the plastic barriers is durable, sturdy and well suited for the outdoors environment 

  • The interlocking system is flexible to suit all kinds of situations and setups

  • 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly

  • Deployment rate of 120m of barrier per hour 

  • Quick set up time = cut costs

  • Easy to transport

Safety on either side of the barrier

While considering safe practices and safety equipment, both sides of the barrier have to be taken into consideration. Finding the perfect solution is vital in achieving optimum safety for motorists, cyclists, pedestrians, but also the workers.

Working on and next to roads can be a dangerous job, frequently at risk of oncoming traffic, flying debris, fumes, dangerous driving, and unsafe roadside equipment. RPM Hire offers you a wide range of roadside safety equipment, provoking trust and loyalty within your company.

Let your team know that they are in safe hands by using Armorzone Water Barriers, available for short and long term hire. In addition we have a range of barrier end treatment terminals that are ready to hire, including Absorb 350 and the QuadGuard CZ. 


The traffic management specialists at RPM hire have experience in providing, loading and installing a range of road safety barrier solutions. 


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