Music via Wifi or Bluetooth connection: which is better?

03 Jan.,2023


High Quality Indoor Bluetooth Speaker


Bluetooth's range is about 10 meters. At a greater distance, it becomes difficult to maintain the connection. And we all know that if you walk upstairs with your phone in your pocket, your music starts to falter in the living room. So the range is good for 1 or 2 rooms, but it is not so useful for more than that. Unless you have speakers that you can easily take to another room or outside.


Ease of use:

Usually, you are connected at the push of a button. Your device has a pairing button that you press, then you just need to find the right item on your device. Then you are connected. This connection will then also be automatically recognized.


Battery consumption:

Because the connection between your device and your speaker is direct, it consumes a bit more power than a wireless connection.


Share with friends:

It's super easy. They can also be paired at the touch of a button. Then it's a matter of who decides which playlist goes on! Want to turn it into a party? You can even link speakers together with PartyBoost for stereo sound or connect more than 100 with JBL Connect+ for lots of sound!


Best for:

If you just want your music in one place or don't mind taking your speakers with you, then it is convenient. It is also ideal for use in the park or at the beach because, of course, there is no Wifi there. It is especially cool that you can easily give your friends control over the music and link your sets together!