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26 Oct.,2022


Methyl Hydroxyethyl Cellulose

hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose


The ghost writer episode was very hard to listen to. The host’s opinion is clear and completely understandable, given that she identifies as a professional writer and poet.

I would wonder how a non-writer, non-poet, average person would feel about this topic. I for one (as a regular person) would fall on the side of indifference, and was a little unsettled at the hosts passionate vehemence toward the story’s subject.
The host shouldn’t be such an integral part of the show, maybe a guest host would have been a good idea for this particular episode.

The episodes are usually, (for lack of a better word) deeper than this. I hope Sarah Kay doesn’t inject herself, her bias, and her opinion so completely into the topic. Please just host the show, don’t let the show become about you. I think all of the other episodes have been great, and even moving at times.

Thank you.