[WATCH] We Shrank This API 682 Seal Panel

28 Apr.,2023


Compare the panel's design before and after. Which design makes the panel more compact and cost $400 less - while enhancing reliability?


Design optimization delivers better results for less money. We show how in this two-minute video. 

Let's start with a generic API 682 Plan 74 seal panel

What do we mean when we say "Design Optimization can give you better results for less money"? We'll show you. We start with a generic API 682 Plan 74 seal panel. Then we show you every step we take in improving the design.

We save space with NPT nipples. We employ bulkhead reducers to eliminate connections. We figure out how to do away with the need for custom brackets. We bring in some extended-length port connections for rapid assembly. And we rearrange the components a few times until we get a compact design.

This is a fast-paced video, but you'll see each step in the process, right down to the selection of each part from our Swagelok catalog. At the end you'll see a side-by-side comparison of the original design and the improved version.


When we're all done, the optimized version is smaller, has 20% fewer connections, uses 39% fewer parts, and costs $400 less.


Cheap vs. thrifty

What does all this achieve? When we're all done, the optimized version is smaller, has 20 percent fewer connections and uses 39 percent fewer parts. Perhaps most importantly, the optimized design costs $400 less.

It's proof that saving money doesn't have to mean giving up quality. Instead of trying to stay on budget by using cheap parts, it makes more sense to invest in an efficient design that will give reliable, leak-free service.

Our example seal panel is a relatively straightforward piece of equipment. Consider what Design Optimization could achieve for you when you have something really complex to build. Remember that Swagelok Northern California has the experience and the deep catalog necessary to do the job right. Schedule a phone consultation with one of our assembly solutions engineers, and we can start putting our expertise to work for you.


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