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03 Jan.,2023


Howo Sinotruk Dump Truck

Dump trucks are the true work horse for many industries and are often referred to as, dumpers, dumper trucks or dump trailers. Dump trucks are typically used for hauling material over the road or around a job-site. Like a truck tractor or semi trucks, they feature a cab but also offer a hydraulic dump bed in the rear. The hydraulic pump lifts the dump trailer in the rear to dispose of its contents. Dump trucks are used to carry a variety of materials such as debris, dirt, sand, gravel and much more which makes it a perfect fit for any industry.

Types of Dump Trucks

Since the main purpose of a dump truck is to haul various types of materials, the most important configurations of a dump truck is how much can you carry and transport. The size of the trailer bin is important as that will determine the quantity of your content, but the weight total weight (GWVR) is the most crucial as it will determine your payload capacity.

It’s always important to check your local regulations and guidelines of hauling capacity as this will help you determine what kind of dump truck to buy and how to operate it.

Single Axle Dump Trucks

Single axle dump trucks typically feature a pickup cab and a hydraulic dump bed in the rear and can carry up to 7.5 tons. Smaller single axle dump trucks are available which are more suited for a more urban environment which can carry up to 1 ton. These smaller versions typically feature a pickup truck cab with a customized dump bed in the rear.

Tandem Axle Dump Trucks

Tandem axle dump trucks are commonly used in construction and aggregate industries. As the name suggests, there are two axels in the rear which increase the payload to 15-16 tons.

Tri-axle Quad Axle Dump Trucks

Tri-axle and quad axle dump trucks are slightly different than the previously mentioned. They feature additional lift axles which can be lowered and raised when required.

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