Which Types of Earrings Are Popular These Days?

15 Nov.,2022


Trends come and go, but jewelry lasts forever. That being said, when you’re purchasing new jewelry, you want to be mindful about what is popular and stylish, while still being aware of your personal style. Generally, it is good to have a combination of classic pieces and popular, in style jewelry pieces to mix and match; this will allow you to always have peak style. Trends seem to change seasonally, but there’s also some general styles that have been popular all year round. In general, relaxed styles and vintage inspired pieces seem to be the most popular for the year of 2021, and this doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon.

Earrings are a unique piece of jewelry due to how versatile they can be. Earrings can be as small as a little stud, or a massive, dangling piece. Colorful or neutral, gemmed or solid, and worn as one of many, earrings are just fun. Many see them as the finishing touch or icing on top to an outfit, and they even can bring out your facial features and makeup. Thoughtful consideration into your earring purchases, and following the trends, is crucial. Here’s a few of the popular earrings these days to consider adding to your arsenal.


Hoops have to be one of the most popular earring styles in the fashion world right now, due to their versatility and effortless, cool girl vibes. Hoops can be thick and chunky, thin and wiry, small, or massive. The endless array of options means there’s a style for everyone, regardless of personal sense of style, and every occasion. Style a smaller pair of hoops with a work outfit, as a small yet stylish accent. Or, go big for a night on the town with a large diameter pair of hops, complete with crystal pave accents. Many designers have their own take on the hoops trend, so you should be able to find something from a jewelry brand you already love.

Costume Style Gems

It’s the roaring twenties…or something like that! Jokes aside, vintage inspired gems have been all over the jewelry market. Costume style jewelry, traditionally in clip on format, has that vintage vibe that looks luxurious, expensive, and often times isn’t. Bring the old school glamour to your ears with earrings that have clusters of costume style gems. The way they catch the light is like no other, and it really allows you to add in color to your outfits. Even if you work from home, breaking out the costume style gems is a trendy choice. Try pairing with a neutral or all black ensemble for a maximum statement.

Elaborate Studs

There’s been a major shift in popular fashion lately to simpler, more daily style accessories. Casual wear seems to be the trendiest, and that often means subtler accessorizing. That doesn’t mean no jewelry though. Stud earrings are really making a comeback right now, but they aren’t boring. Elaborate studs with texture, color, and other design elements really are the way to go. Whether they’re edgy, or maybe have a quirky shape, or even are just a simple pearl, you can’t really go wrong with this style. Pair it with anything from a formal look or just sweatpants around the house. Next time you’re shopping your favorite brands, don’t overlook their studs section!

Fringe and Feathers

What do fringe and feathers remind you of? Maybe festival vibes? Festivals have been cancelled, but that doesn’t mean their styles still can’t be worn. Fringe and tassel style earrings are a great way to add a bohemian touch to your outfit, feather earring pendants do the same. While these can be whimsical and youthful, they also can be reeled in for a more mature and professional look. Whether it’s a silver feather shaped stud, or maybe a muted metal tassel of a smaller size, you can channel this style to match your own levels of personal expression.

Earrings are one of those staple jewelry pieces you just can’t get enough of, or have too many of! Easy to change out and style to any outfit, earrings are prevalent in stores, but also go through different trends. The best part is, if you have multiple piercings, you may even be able to rock more than one of these popular styles at a time. Which style is your favorite? Or, is there another trend you’re loving this season!