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20 Feb.,2023


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The benefits of facial tools are numerous, no matter how simple or elaborate your skin care routine may be.

In today’s blog, we here at Moonstone Skin and Body Care discuss three of our favourite facial tools… and how (and why!) you should start implementing them in your regimen ASAP.

Firstly, What is the Definition of Facial Tools?

Facial tools are defined as any handheld tool that can:

  • Firm the skin

  • Soothe the skin

  • Help with lymphatic drainage

  • And/or help topical skin care products penetrate more deeply

While there are numerous facial tools available on the market that are recommended by estheticians, today we will be outlining our most holistic approach to skin transformation: the usage of gua sha, stone facial rollers, and facial ice globes.

Facial Tool #1: Gua Sha

Gua sha tools have been hailed “the original form of at-home self-care”, and for good reason: having been a key component of traditional Chinese medicine for millennia, gua sha tools are believed to reduce facial puffiness and increase circulation, both of which, in turn, help to give you an overall glow and improved complexion. For the best glide, it is recommended to use gua sha tools once a week alongside esthetician-approved lotions, serums, and creams.

With gua sha’s literal translation meaning “to scrape sand”, it makes sense that gua sha tools are also used to relieve neck pain, migraine-related pain, and general lymphatic drainage for both the face and the body. Gua sha tools are handheld and are most commonly made of polished materials like jade, amethyst, stainless steel, or rose quartz; the most difference can be seen when used in the morning, when sodium intake from the day before can cause many of us to experience puffiness in the cheeks and jawline. 

While these types of stone rollers are great for skin as-is, they have the added benefit of tapping into your mindfulness and self-care practices through healing properties. These include:

  • Jade, which taps into good fortune, grounding, and enhancing maturity in relationships

  • Amethyst, which encompasses the ability to alleviate sadness and grief, as well as dissolve negativity 

  • Rose quartz, which is known as a healing crystal and the stone of unconditional love

Helpful Gua Sha Tips

For best results, use regularly with the Image Skincare VITAL C Anti-Aging Serum. Use a combination of feather-light short and long strokes, and before purchasing be sure to check that your gua sha tool has a solid grip with rounded corners for maximum comfort.

Facial Tool #2: Moonstone Rose Quartz Facial Roller

In the crystal healing sphere, rose quartz is associated with the heart chakra… meaning that, if you’re in need of some self-love, rose quartz facial rollers should be your facial tool of choice.

Rose quartz facial rollers promote relaxation and calmness while simultaneously stimulating the lymphatic system for a rapid detox of the skin. Rose quartz facial rollers achieve this via their dual ends, which serve two purposes: the larger end is used with ease all over the face, while the smaller end is fashioned to be used effectively on and around the delicate eye area.

Due to its cooling effect, rose quartz facial tools are best used for facial redness, tone, elasticity, and elasticity.

Helpful Moonstone Rose Quartz Facial Roller Tips

Store your Moonstone rose quartz facial roller in a cool, dry place before application to enhance its “ice cube”-like effect and watch redness go down before your eyes!

Facial Tool #3: Ice Globes

While we here at Moonstone Skin and Body Care don’t sell ice globes, we do feature them in our line of in-spa facials due to their wide range of benefits:

  • Eliminating redness and irritation post-wax, post-extraction, and/or post-electrolysis

  • Stimulating blood circulation

  • Helping with setting makeup

  • Treating stuffed-up sinuses, puffy eyes, headaches, and migraines

  • Activating facial muscles, which improves elasticity and tone

  • Mitigating the look of fine lines

  • Soothing skin after acne treatments

  • Providing a cool finishing touch at the end of any facial

Ice globes are glass or metal wands that are used as facial tools; rather than use ice, they are typically filled with a gel-like consistency that is then cooled in the fridge or freezer. In short? Like rubbing an ice cube on your face, without the mess or discomfort!

Helpful Ice Globe Tips

Ice globes can be applied effectively any time of day. If you are looking to purchase an ice globe for at-home use, be sure to buy from a reliable source.

Ready to Experience the Benefits of Facial Tools?

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