Using large contemporary rugs in your home

19 Oct.,2022


Luxury Living Room Rugs

Choosing a large rug

For a visually balanced room, most designers will tell you to use a rug. It can be daunting choosing a large sized rug for your room, but most often we think that bigger is better. Choosing a large modern rug over a smaller one can make all the difference between bringing the room together and making it feel disjointed. We understand it is a big decision so we have put together this comprehensive guide to make sure you choose the perfect large rug for your home.

The Benefits of Having a Large Modern Rug

The benefits of investing in a large modern rug for your home are numerous. Not only can large contemporary rugs make a room feel luxurious and decadent, but they have a wonderful way of harmoniously bringing together all the elements of a room. In addition to the aesthetic advantages, large rugs also have some practical functions that can improve your space.

Noise Reduction

Large contemporary rugs with generous pile heights are good at absorbing sound, so choosing a larger rug in your home will benefit the acoustics of a room much more than a smaller rug. Our contemporary rugs are hand tufted, high pile rugs which are the perfect type of rugs to absorb sound in a modern space. So aside from being much quieter to walk on than hard flooring, the  100% pure wool pile of our rugs absorbs sound and makes your room cosy.

Hand tufted rugs like ours look and feel softer than low pile or flat weave rugs, and you can guarantee that the addition of one of our large rugs would solve any issues with echoes in modern interiors, creating a feeling of comfort and softness.


The soft texture of a large luxury rug adds comfort and warmth to a room. Our hand tufted wool rugs have great insulating properties that can work anywhere in your home but are particularly useful on colder flooring like such as porcelain tiles or marble. There’s nothing like the feeling of a thick pile rug under foot to create a feeling of cosiness.

Spatial Benefits

A abstract large rug will have a significant visual impact on your space and can work in so many different sized and shaped rooms. For example a contemporary oversized rug doesn’t have to be restricted to big spaces. Smaller spaces, and enclosed living rooms usually benefit from a single large rug, and the addition of a large rug can actually make your room feel larger.

Open plan, sprawling spaces benefit from placing a few rugs to define areas. You could use one large rug with your sofas and a couple of smaller rugs to separate different areas of the room such as reading areas or kids play areas, or perhaps use two large rugs to separate the dining area and living area – these could be different colour-ways for the same design, or different large colourful area rugs. There are many ways you can use design ideas like these to rethink your space, and to use the versatility of large rugs to transform any type of room.

Choosing a large rug – what to consider

There are many different factors to consider when buying a large designer rug. An 8’ x 10’ modern area rug would work really well in most average family homes, but our rugs can go much larger than that! As it is quite an investment to buy a large sized luxury rug we have outlined several different factors below to help you make the perfect choice.


The placement of a large contemporary rug can take your home to the next level, creating a beautiful harmony in your interior. Factors such as the size and type of room, and the existing furniture all interconnect to create a luxurious, well balanced impression.

For a living room, we think there are two great ways to place a large rug. Firstly, the ‘All On’ placement. This is where the rug is large enough so that your sofas and chairs would sit on top, comfortably framing and complimenting your furniture. This would work well in a room that is spacious enough to have the furniture away from the walls, and to allow for enough rug beneath the furniture so that everything can be evenly spaced, without feeling crowded.

Our second suggestion would be the ‘half on half off’ method. The front legs of the furniture would be on the rug, with the rug completely filling the space between. You still have the feeling of expansiveness and the wonderful sensation of our thick pile underfoot when you sit down. An important thing to remember would be to have enough rug behind the furniture legs, so they are not perching on the edge but securely anchored.

For a large rug in a dining room, it’s important to have a rug large enough for chairs to be pulled out without chair legs falling off the edge. You want to avoid a change of level when tucking your chair in to sit down, so we would recommend a rug large enough to generously fit the table and all the chairs plus at least 60 cm / 24 inches behind the chairs.

A large rug in a bedroom can create the perfect soft and soothing environment for a restful night’s sleep. We would recommend an area rug that is large enough to leave a good sized border for any night stands or other furniture you might have. It’s also important to have plenty of space to step out of bed onto the luxurious thick pile of a large designer rug –  a great way to start the day.

Large Multi Coloured Rugs vs Large Neutral Rugs

The colour of your rug is arguably one of the most important factors to consider when looking for a large modern rug. Your large area rug should complement the rest of your home, whilst also making a visual statement. A vibrantly colourful rug enriches your space with boldness and creativity, whereas a more subtle neutral rug would certainly improve acoustics, without adding as much visually.

An important feature of your space to bear in mind when choosing a vibrantly colourful large rug is the colour of the flooring. You want these to compliment one another to create visual harmony in your space.

A great tip is to choose key colours from your existing décor and choose a rug that would complement these colours. It’s amazing how small colourful accents paired with a large colourful rug can create a beautifully curated space. We have a wide range of rugs bursting with vibrant tones so we are sure we can find something to suit your home.

With these things in mind we hope we have helped you on your quest for the perfect large area rug. There are so many benefits, both practical and aesthetic and we are committed to helping you make the perfect statement in your interior. A large contemporary rug makes a statement, fills the space and injects vibrancy into your home. All of our rugs come in Large – XXL sizes and we can also create larger bespoke rug sizes too if you require something even bigger!