The Advantages of Using Area Rugs in Your Interior Design

19 Oct.,2022


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Interior design is an art form that requires plenty of consistent practice to master. Excellent interior design balances form, function, and comfort equally to appeal to a broad range of home buyers or the existing occupants of a house. Area rugs provide an interior with all three of those core design elements, making them an essential part of any home’s layout.

Whether you’re preparing a house for the market or sprucing up your own living room, learn about the advantages of using area rugs in your interior design to make any space in a home appealing to guests and occupants alike.

Area Rugs Solidify a Room’s Design

When creating a color theme for a room’s design, it’s best to establish the design from the ceiling to the floor. Forgetting to incorporate flooring in the theme is a common mistake that many novice designers make.

A simple rug with a solid color can boldly emphasize the use of that color in the room, provoking guests to notice the other pieces of accent decor that feature it and allowing it to naturally dictate the focus of a design.

With a patterned area rug, you can bring two or more different colors to the forefront to introduce the interior design’s theme. A patterned rug in black and white zigzags, for instance, may make your usage of the two contrasting colors stand out in a room. You may also find a rug that matches a common pattern in the room and perfectly supports the other accessories, furniture, and decor.

Flexible Rug Designs Complement Any Style

While you may have a tough time searching for furniture that perfectly lines up with the style you’re going for, you won’t face that challenge with area rugs. Area rugs come in a plethora of styles, colors, and designs that can either stand out or provide subtle elegance. Customize the size of the rug to fit your unique needs, even in the trickiest rooms!

If you find the right area rug for your style, you can focus on simplistic furniture pieces that match the room rather than cluttering the room with loud, stylized accents. You can also find unique accent pieces and pair them with a simple area rug design to emphasize on the aspects of the room you’re most proud of.

Rugs Add Comfort To the Design

Hard flooring types may look beautiful, but they can become unpleasant to walk on—especially with bare feet. In areas of your home where you want to relax—such as the living room, bedrooms, and play areas—carpet adds comfort that you simply cannot experience with bare hardwood or tile flooring.

Instead of replacing the beautiful flooring with carpet, adding a rug allows you, your family, and your guests to experience the best of both worlds: an amazing style of permanent flooring and a soft, cozy area rug. The winter may leave your hard floors freezing to the touch, but a good rug will provide warmth and comfort against the chill of the cold weather.

Area Rugs Provide Functionality

As you design a home’s interior, many design elements only provide an attractive appearance rather than utility. With an area rug, you can add functional design aspects that other more decorative parts of the room may miss the mark on.

Some of the more unique functions that area rugs provide include the following:

A Safe Area for Playtime

Children often need a special area to play that provides comfort and protects them from falls or roughhousing. An area rug will make playtime possible in a living room without breaking up a design. Dedicating a section of the room to children allows parents to keep an eye on their young ones playing with their most beloved toys or watching their favorite TV shows.

With an open concept living room, kitchen, and dining room, a parent can watch over children while cooking or setting the table for dinner. Opting to design a children’s playroom or nursery with a large area rug adds safety, comfort, and fun to the entire room.

Sectioning a Room

Larger rooms, especially open-concept floorplans, benefit greatly from natural sectioning in the interior design. While you can section areas off with furniture, area rugs allow you to maintain the open feeling without creating physical barriers like you would with large pieces of furniture, such as sectionals or sofas.

Allowing the space to breathe creates an illusion of a larger room and prevents overcrowding and cluttering. Custom-size area rugs from Koeckritz Rugs allow you to create naturally occurring sections in any space, resulting in a beautiful, open design.

Break up Boring Flooring With an Area Rug

Your floors may be beautiful, but too much of the same color or style will take away from the overall impact of your home’s design. Placing an area rug in a specific part of the room will complement the flooring and draw more attention to how well the floors work in your overarching design. Even carpeted floors work well with area rugs—place a rug with a different fiber style or pile height on top of carpeting to create another textural element to a soft design.

Reduce Noise From Loud Footsteps

One of the most important advantages of using area rugs in your interior design is the fact that the rugs muffle the noise of footsteps and jostling furniture. No matter if you’re in a second-floor condo or a ranch home, a well-placed area rug prevents foot traffic from disturbing neighbors or other members of the household. This noise reduction is particularly perfect for a nursery’s interior design where new parents must take extra care not to wake their child after they fall asleep.

With a high-quality area rug, you’ll notice all the ways it benefits your home’s interior design as soon as you place it in a room. The interior will suddenly feel warm, stylish, and uniquely yours. Personalize your home today with a luxurious area rug from Koeckritz Rugs, and you’ll want a rug for every room of the house.