why we used -48 dc volt for telecom equipments ?

25 Oct.,2022


Huawei R4850G6 Rectifier Module

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due to the usage of mobile phones which animal can not live in this universe and why....

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what effect at thersold value on transmission power is increase or decrease in telecommunication

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In Telecom, While call set up what are the Masseges will flow from all network element to each other.

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What is a trducer and trponder?

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objective questions & answers in c & c++ software languages

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can any one tell difference between 802D and 810D???

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why positive is earthed in communications

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What is ionospheric bending?

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sir, please send me RRB Question papers for Section engineer Signal..

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What is CMRR? Explain briefly.

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Which microprocessor accepts the program written for 8086 without any changes?

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What is the total resistance between points ‘A’ and ‘B’ in the given circuit

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