Debunking the myths of buying used telecom network equipment

25 Oct.,2022


Telecom Rectifier

Is newer better?

When it comes to buying telecom network hardware, brand new products aren't always the best solution. This article aims to debunk the common misconceptions of buying used telecom network equipment and give you greater confidence in taking a more environmentally responsible approach. If there are any other topics that you'd like to discuss with us, don't hesitate to get in touch.


The parts I need are only available from the OEM

It is important to realise OEMs aren't the only option available to you. TXO Systems hold a diverse range of used telecom network equipment and our inventory is growing every day. From the latest releases through to older legacy parts, TXO has it covered. Our extensive network of asset recovery customers provide a stream of high quality networking hardware for resale. This enables us to fulfil your requests within short lead times. Please see our 'why buy from TXO' page for more detail.


The secondary market is the same as the grey market

The secondary market (also known as the green market) has nothing in common with the grey market. The grey market is unofficial and can often result in the resale of counterfeit goods. TXO has practices in place to detect counterfeit and unauthorised parts.


Buying used telecom network equipment means you sacrifice on quality

As a reputable secondary market re-seller, TXO aims to never sell parts that are in bad condition. Every item of used telecom network equipment goes through a thorough refurbishment process meaning that you should never receive poor quality hardware from our company. It also ensures that our used telecom network equipment is as close to brand new condition as possible; most of the time you can't tell the difference.


Surplus equipment is equipment that nobody wants, so I won't find what I need

Just because some parts may not be needed by one company, it doesn’t mean that those parts are unusable or obsolete. Many companies find themselves with overstock telecom network equipment, often as a result of downsizing a location, buying too many units or to liquidate assets and open a new revenue stream.


New products aren't as bad for the environment as used

On the contrary, buying used telecom equipment is more environmentally responsible than continually using new equipment in your network. Buying used telecom parts keeps functional products in circulation and out of landfill. In addition, buying used telecoms protects the environment from the harmful effects of over producing new products such as pollution from the manufacturing process and fuelling demand for precious metals.


Used equipment isn’t handled properly

With over 135,000 Sq Ft/12,500 m² of footprint across our global locations, TXO stock thousands of parts comfortably in our warehousing facilities. We hold the highest standards of certification and manage complex reverse logistics projects for the telecoms industry. Our team has years of experience handling, de-installing and transporting delicate networking equipment. With this being the case, network infrastructure is handled internally and externally with the greatest level of care.


Used equipment doesn't come with a warranty

All green market equipment sold by TXO Systems comes with a one year TXO warranty. You can read in more detail about our standard warranty here.


It’s faster and easier to buy from the OEM

OEMs are struggling to keep up with their promise of fast lead times. Ultimately long lead times increase the risk of network downtime and can cause a drain on your resources. Thankfully TXO Systems has a solution - we aim to make the delivery of your telecom network products easy as possible. We provide same day dispatch on eligible orders from our warehouses in the UK, US and Brazil to customers worldwide. After all, nobody likes to be kept waiting.