Benefits of Used Telecom Equipment

25 Oct.,2022


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6 Benefits of Buying from Carritech

6 Key Benefits of buying telecommunications products from Carritech

The benefits to your business when buying refurbished access, transport, data networking or core switching equipment for your telecommunications network are substantial; not only do you get a product that is comparable with a new part, it also reduces your environmental impact.

1. Quality Used Telecom Equipment

At Carritech, we only stock and sell network products of the highest possible quality. By sourcing our products from reputable suppliers from around the globe and testing the network equipment before it is sold, we ensure that everything we supply meets each of our client’s high standards.

2. Up to 12 Months warranty

We offer extensive warranties on our network products to give our customers peace of mind when purchasing used telecom equipment.

3. Significant saving against new

Purchasing new telecommunications products can be extremely expensive and a substantial cost which can be avoided by utilising the availability of a telecom reseller such as Carritech. Not only that, but often legacy equipment will have reached its EOL (end-of-life) meaning that the manufacturer no longer produces the products.

4. Continue to support your legacy equipment and networks

Making use of a used telecommunication equipment supplier means you are able to keep telecommunications parts readily available to service your existing networks and ensure they are running smoothly without paying on going, high-cost service fees to a manufacturer.

5. High stock levels meaning generally no lead times

We stock thousands of used telecommunications products and parts, which are prepared, packaged and secured in advance of our sales, meaning that on most occasions we are able to ship the same-day as an order. In general, our customers can expect no lead times on any of our products.

6. Reduce environmental impact by reuse of refurbished equipment

By purchasing used telecom equipment, you are significantly lowering your environmental impact. The processes involved in manufacturing products damages the environment so making use of network products which have been refurbished and are as good-as-new means you can have an active role in improving our planets future.


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