Inflatable Water Slides for Adults Let You Unleash Your Inner Child

14 Nov.,2022


Octopus water slide

Summer is almost here — which means so are the days when we’ll need to cool off and chill out on a regular basis. Maybe you have access to a nearby lake, ocean, river or pool. A trip to the beach or an inner tube down a lazy river will certainly scratch that itch if you’ve got access to one. However, if you’re a bit more landlocked, it’s time to get creative. Thankfully, inflatable water slides for adults let you bring out your inner child and truly make the most of the sun.

Sure, there’s something to be said for sophisticated pool days — lounging poolside in your most stylish swim trunks and resort wear while you sip on a cocktail. But there’s also something to be said for less sophisticated fun, like shotgunning a beer and diving headfirst down a water slide for adults.

Inflatable water slides big enough for adults exist, and you can purchase them for your backyard so you can go from overheated to gleefully sliding your way to a refreshing dunk in no time. We’ve gathered our favorite water slides for adults available to order online so you can peruse and choose based on your summer setup. Here are our top picks for inflatable water slides for adults. And if you want to go all-in on summer relaxation, don’t forget to take a look at our round-up of the best above-ground pools!  

1. Wow World of Watersports Super Slide


This Watersports Super Slide from WOW Sports easily connects to a water hose and has a zigzag sprinkler system its entire length for supreme water coverage. Made of extra-thick, heavy-duty PVC material that’s more than twice as thick as your average slip n’ slide, it’s perfect for sliding down long lawns in the summer. This slide also comes with two inflatable sleds you can use to shoot down the refreshing pathway, and easily connects to other slides to make one giant super slide that’ll have everyone in the neighborhood talking! With nearly 700 ratings on Amazon and an average of 4.4 stars, you know it’s worth the investment.

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2. Team Magnus XL Slip and Slide


The best inflatable water slides for adults are long enough to let you build up some speed, and this extra-large slip ‘n slide is over 31 feet long and five feet wide, making it perfect for adults and children alike. This slide is made of robust 0.22mm PVC, 38% thicker than the industry standard. Sturdy pegs attach it to the ground, while an inflatable crash pad at the bottom softly cushions the blow when you land. Water is continuously sprayed over the entire pathway and the whole backyard toy takes only a few minutes to set up with or without a pump. It’s heavily durable and fun for all ages! Plus, at less than $100, this water slide is more affordable than most, especially given the quality you get.

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3. Banzai Twins Inflatable Water Slide Bounce House


This inflatable water slide will cost you a pretty penny, but the benefits are worth it. It’s got two full water slides, a climbing wall, a lagoon-style kiddie pool, two splasher guns, continuous sprayers and a basketball hoop. It’s made for kids but adults can enjoy it as well, with a weight limit of 150lbs. It’s 8 feet tall, 14 feet wide and inflates in just a few minutes. It also comes with its own airflow blower, stakes for keeping it secure, a storage bag and a repair kit in case you play a little too hard. The fun multicolored design will light up your backyard and create hours of fun during the warmer months.

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4. Sunny & Fun Deluxe Inflatable Water Slide Park


This deluxe inflatable water slide for adults packs one noticeable upgrade: a water cannon at the bottom. The fabric is puncture-resistant nylon, and the set comes with its own air pump. Multiple five-star reviews vouch that the 6-foot slide is durable. Still, the slide does have a 250lbs. limit, so keep that in mind before purchasing.

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5. WOW Strike Zone Water Slide


Why waste your money going to a bowling alley when you can bring the experience to your backyard — and, even better, combine it with the cooling fun of a water slide? As you glide down this slide on your included boogie board, crash into the inflatable bowling pins that double as a crash pad. This large 25-foot water slide is 6 feet wide and has an extremely slick surface, so no soap or detergent is required.

Courtesy of Home Depot



6. Wahii World’s Biggest Backyard Lawn Water Slide


This giant water slide can be set up anywhere with a little incline. Simply lay it down, stake it in the ground, cover it with water and you’re good to go. It’s 50 feet long and 12 feet wide, with plenty of room for adults or multiple kids to go at the same time. It’s constructed with extra thick, specially formulated, UV-protected plastic that creates a smooth, durable and protected surface for sliding that’s strong enough to hold 256lbs. per square foot.

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7. Wham-O Slip N Slide Wave Rider Double


Sometimes, water sliding alone just isn’t fun. With a built-in splash sprinkler, this double racer will bring out your competitive side. Sturdy and slick PVC ensures a smooth and soft ride, but unlike other inflatable options on this list, it’s more low maintenance to set up and store. The inflated crash pad and two slide boogies prevent injuries for kids — and buzzed adults. One buyer suggests adding a bit of dish detergent for maximizing your slip n’ slide session.

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8. Banzai Triple Racer Water Slide


If you have a larger group of people, this triple racer will let them compete without taking as many turns and having to wait along. At 16 feet long, the Banzai racer also features three big splash pools at the end, adding a unique twist (and a refreshing one on hot days) to a childhood favorite. It might be advertised for kids, but one reviewer says, “We have had multiple large adults throw themselves at this thing on several occasions of use and it’s held up perfectly. “

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9. Magic Cabin 12-Foot Inflatable Water Slide


This 12-foot-long water slide features a large splash pool at the end and comes with two inflatable speed boards that provide a cushioned landing. Made from heavy-duty vinyl that won’t rip or puncture, this slide features reinforced sidewalls to ensure that water doesn’t splash outside, and also comes with ground stakes to keep it in place. A less space-consuming (but just as fun) pick than bigger setups with bouncy houses.

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10. Flash Mega Water Inflatable Slide


This slide costs a pretty penny, but its quality is off the charts. It’s got an included warranty and is ASTM certified, so you know your purchase is protected. Made of heavy-duty puncture-, flame-resistant and lead-free PVC vinyl, it’s equipped with a one-way exit to minimize dirt. It’s quadruple reinforced for added strength and durability around the seams and high-stress areas of the inflatable slide. It comes with its own air blower and anchor stakes to keep the whole thing secure during your hours of cooling off.

Like a lot of our favorite inflatable water slides for adults, it’s designed with children in mind, technically. But what fraternity or sorority party wouldn’t be improved with a water feature like this?

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11. H2OGO! Single Lawn Water Slide


If you’re looking for a cheap way to keep the family cool this summer, look no further than the H2OGO! Single Lawn Water Slide with an air-filled ramp and built-in sprinklers. While it’s not exactly built for two-person racing, you can’t beat the price and over 400 positive reviews. If you buy two and place them side by side, you’ll have personal racing zones while remaining within budget. It’s also a no-brainer portable choice for anyone traveling.

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12. BOUNTECH Inflatable Water Slide


There’s something for everyone in one of the best inflatable waterslides by BOUNTECH. It has a bounce house, climbing wall, basketball rim for aspiring ballers and a splash pool. User reviews are the most appealing thing about this unique unit, which is durable and provides hours of entertainment on end with its sturdy 350-lb. capacity. Perfect for kids and adults. Or just adults — we’re not judging.

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13. Sunny & Fun Deluxe Inflatable Water Slide Park


With a weight limit of 350 pounds, this climbing wall and inflatable water slide for adults and kids is perfect for group playtime. It stands 50 inches tall and a showerhead sprays anyone below — there’s even a water gun for some interactive fun. Whether you’re a boozy adult or a parent looking to join in on some climbing action with your little one, this slide can be used with or without water.

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14. JumpOrange Inflatable Octopus Water Slide


Have some under-the-sea fun above ground with the gigantic octopus water slide, made from commercial-grade materials to ensure durability. Up to six kids (or a couple of imaginative adults) can climb the center wall on this sea creature–themed slide, and race down the two slides on either side. The octopus legs are cleverly designed to double as bumpers, providing extra protection while a water cannon sprays those coming down the slide.

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15. BOUNTECH 7-in-1 Water Slide


Why take a trip to the water park when you can experience all those wonders from the comfort of your backyard? This brightly colored water slide is a 7-in-1 device that recreates the water park experience. Choose from multiple slides, pools or climb walls as a giant crab and cannons shoot water out. Ideal for groups hanging out, or kids playing with parents who want to join in on the action.

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16. Intex Inflatable Racing Water Slide Track


Relive your Hot Wheels childhood memories with this inflatable racing water slide track that comes with two surf riders and a weight capacity of 250 pounds. You can even make a drinking game out of this makeshift race track. One buyer says, “I questioned how it would hold up but it made it through an entire day of some serious use.”

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17. Intex Kool Splash Inflatable Swimming Pool Water Slide


If you already have a pool but want some additional slide action, consider one that can be integrated like this inflatable Intex slide, which is appropriate for in-ground pools. It’s sized for kids over six but can be used by adults too, with a weight capacity of around 200 pounds. A reviewer shares, “We’ve all taken a shot at it including my son-in-law who is around 6’5” and 200 lbs.”

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18. Intex Water-Filled Inflatable Sports Center


Whether you’re into soccer, baseball or volleyball, this water-filled Intex play center with a 124-gallon capacity has it all. The ultimate in backyard shenanigans, this multi-activity center allows your little ones to safely play a range of sports with inflatable props but is also a great setting for boozy adults to stay cool and entertained. Unfortunately, the small pieces mean that this multi-activity set isn’t suitable for kids under three.

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