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15 Feb.,2023


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We’re always looking for ways to up the ante in the workroom. Unfortunately, some of us can go a bit too hard. It’s good to push through the challenging times, but entering this unknown without the right support can cause some harm. One of the most efficient ways to push your body to the max while lowering your risk of injuries is with wrist wraps. Want to know what wrist straps are for what and what do wrist straps do? We’ll discuss all that, plus the best wrist straps to help you reach your potential. 

What Are Wrist Wraps For?

Lifting wrist wraps are popular among weightlifters, particularly those in the CrossFit world. People use wrist wraps for weightlifting because they help support your forearms, joints, and wrist. CrossFit wrist wraps are commonly used to alleviate pains associated with quick movements and heavy weights, such as during snatches. 

It’s easy to see why people turn to wrist wraps for pain support. Just think of how much torque your wrist goes through in a simple reverse bar curl. Now you add on the velocity of the movement, the stress you feel, and the weight itself when doing an overhead lift.

A number of freak accidents can happen. Using workout wrist wraps are a precautionary and, in some instances, preventative measure. 

What Are Wrist Wraps Benefits?

There are many wrist wraps benefits. The most obvious is that lifting wrist wraps offer your body additional support. They give the wrist a little extra volume to deal with the heavy mass of a weight. This assistance allows you the stability necessary to prevent wears and tears to your appendages. 

Gym wrist wraps also allow you to reach new maxes and find your truest potential. When you have a solid foundation, you can perform with less inhibition. Instead of stressing about potential injury, you can focus on form. The best weight lifting wrist straps help you find that sweet spot where you can work on building the muscle and your overall strength. 

What Are CrossFit Wrist Wraps Made Of?

There are two main types of workout wrist wraps. They both have their pros and cons. So, let’s discuss the difference in materials and the best times to use these particular weight wrist wraps.

Thin Wrist Wraps 

Thinner wrist wraps are typically made out of cotton only. This choice in fabric offers a little more flexibility. They provide support while allowing room to breathe. Therefore, thin wrist wraps can offer a fuller range of motion than their thicker counterparts.

Many people use these gym wrist wraps on clean and jerk days. If you are doing quick, high-octane movements, these might be the best CrossFit wrist wraps for you.

Thicker Wrist Wraps 

Thicker weight lifting wrist wraps contain other materials, such as leather or canvas. These offer more support for the wrist. They are the perfect wrist wraps for bench press and shoulder press. 

If you are going to be working on reps with high weights, these are the best wrist wraps for powerlifting. They not only provide support for the wrist but a little cushion on the bottom of the palm, as well. 

Looking for the best weight lifting wrist wraps? Find a happy compromise of thick and thin gym wrist wraps. You can achieve this beneficial middle ground with Caffeine & Kilos Wrist Wraps.

Our wrist wraps are a blend of cotton and canvas. This combo offers more support than all-cotton gym wrist wraps. However, the canvas material allows more range of motion. It achieves all of these wrist wraps benefits while still being one of the thickest wrist wraps on the market. They’re a breakthrough in CrossFit wrist wraps and will be a breakthrough in your workout as well!

How to Put on Wrist Wraps 

Learning how to put on wrist wraps properly is key to preventing injury and finding your maximum potential. You can buy the best CrossFit wrist wraps in the world, and it would all be moot if you don’t put them on the right way. 

Here’s how to put on wrist wraps:

  1. Start with any hand, placing the Velcro-free side of your wrist wrap against the wrist so that the loop is facing the thumb.

  2. Make sure that the fabric is snug against the bottom of your hand. Many make the mistake of putting the wrist wraps under the wrist. This is wrong and leads to bad form.

  3. Put your thumb through the loop and wrap the wrist wraps. Keep the edges aligned and wrap so that it’s tight.

  4. Once you are done, the Velcro side (typically the side with the logo) will adhere the wrap to your body.

  5. Repeat for other side.

When to Use Wrist Wraps 

Wrist wraps are an excellent tool for improving personal records, physique, and stress levels during a workout routine. Use wrist wraps for weightlifting during exercises that require a little extra support. 

Ideal exercises for wrist wraps include:

  • Bench Press

  • Clean and Jerk

  • Deadlifts

  • Dumbbell Rows

  • Rack Pulls

  • Snatches

An excellent time to use wrist wraps is when you’re working your traps. Gym wrist wraps offer a unique workout in this area that no other tool can. Wrist wraps for powerlifting really fatigues the trap muscles. You’re able to get in deeper, allowing for the ultimate workout. 

Many start their weightlifting journey using wrist straps for powerlifting. However, the best time when to use wrist straps is when fatigue starts setting in. If you notice that you’re getting a little wobblier, it’s time to give wrist wraps a try. 

Times Wrist Wraps CrossFit Members Avoid 

There are many gymnastics moves in CrossFit where people find that wrist wraps are helpful. If you are working with a wrist injury, wrist wraps may offer support. They will take some of the pressure off your joints and allow you to distribute the weight throughout all corners of your hands evenly.

The best CrossFit wrist wraps also provide you with a bit of cushion on the hands. Using CrossFit wrist wraps may prevent skin wounds from high reps of muscle-ups.

Otherwise, you don’t need CrossFit wrist wraps for typical gymnastics moves. They won’t help much with ring dips or handstand pull-ups.

When Not to Use Weight Lifting Wrist Wraps 

Just like thinner wrist wraps might be the best CrossFit wraps for snatches and the best powerlifting wrist wraps are thicker, some occasions call for no wrist wraps at all. You might be adding more obstacles to your workout routine if you use gym wrist wraps for pulling or pushing exercises. 

Most importantly, don’t use gym wrist wraps for warm-ups. Higher reps are not gym wrist wraps days. You want to use these tools when you’re working your way up the weight food chain. As you start adding on weight, you need to add on the support. 

With that said, don’t use wrist wraps for powerlifting to add on weights before you’re ready! These wrist wraps offer support, not superpowers. There are no excess weight wrist wraps out there. Your wrists are still doing a majority of the work. So, believing you have this untouchable cloak around you can cause unnecessary injury. 

Lastly, a time that will never be when to use wrist wraps is during a competition. As it is, some weightlifters believe this tool is a form of cheating. In addition, many believe they give you a false sense as to how much weight you can really lift. 

These are the same arguments used against lifting straps. So, showing up to a competition with wrist wraps for deadlift will earn you some eye rolls. Not to mention, most competitions ban the use of wrist wraps, anyway.

How to Find the Best Wrist Wraps for Weightlifting?

Health and wellness businesses have blossomed over the last decade. With the advent of Amazon, inferior quality products are being mailed out left and right. It’s happening with supplements and clothes. Now, it’s happening with wrist wraps. 

While there are thin wrist straps benefits, you don’t want it to be the consistency of paper. You’re entrusting these wrist wraps for powerlifting support. If it busts at the seam with one lift, that’s not very supportive. 

You also want wrist wraps that have a lot of friction. Using wrist wraps for weightlifting is pointless if the bar is sliding about in your hands. You need gym wrist wraps with a grip so you can find the proper technique and form to perform your feat of strength.

The best wrist straps for weightlifting are the ones that the USA Weightlifting Team use. Caffeine & Kilos is the official sponsor of the USA Weightlifting Team, with our very own CEO, Danny Lehr, who won the gold for Team USA at the Masters World Cup for Weightlifting. 

We’re not saying these facts to brag; we’re mentioning them because we know a thing or two about what goes into making a quality wrist wrap. Caffeine & Kilos Wrist Wraps have the durability you can rely on. However, they also provide you with the comfort you deserve. 

You’re pushing yourself and doing big things. You should be rewarded, not in pain. That’s why using wrist wraps during your training can beneficial for upping your game.

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