DinoMite Days: When Dinosaurs ruled Pittsburgh — The Theme Park Files

06 Feb.,2023


Artist: Jason Gotsch

Sponsaur: Station Square, Forest City Management

Location: Freeport Road

As you drive away from the bustling cities and boroughs of Pittsburgh, make sure to make one last stop on Freeport Avenue for Lunasaurus. Artist Jason Gotsch designed her with the idea of dinosaurs evolving in an urban setting. Lux is made up of plastic sheeting, stained glass, and plexiglass scales. Originally lighting within the dinosaur would illuminate these scales, but the mechanics for this appear to have broken since its installation. The current owners will often dress Lux to match the seasons, with Steeler’s jerseys, a hat and mittens, a witch costume, and currently a mask. 


While Dino mite days are a thing of the past, this interesting part of Pittsburgh still has its tracks all over the city. Remember to avoid private property, or seek the owner's permission before visiting, If you know or find any more sculptures let us know! Keep checking back here for more updates on these “Dinosaurs of Distinction.”   

 For coordinates to some of the publicly available dinosaurs, check out the Carnegie Museums driving tour at ; https://carnegiemnh.org/jurassic-days-dino-statue-driving-tour/