Announcing… the Animal Toy Blog! – Dinosaur Toy Blog

22 Feb.,2023


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It has taken more than a decade but last week we launched the Animal Toy Blog, a sister site to the Dinosaur Toy Blog. The focus there, of course, is on extant creatures: those living today.

There are currently six regular reviewers headed by bmathison1972, and the site already has a dozen reviews published, plus many more in the pipeline. The format is identical to the Dinotoyblog so it should be easy to navigate, and as happens here, we are accepting guest review contributions to the Animal Toy Blog, such as this one by Dinotoyblog regular Suspsy.

The associated Animal Toy Forum is still active, too. So, if you’re into models of modern biodiversity as well as prehistoric toys, then crawl over and check out the new Animal Toy Blog.

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