What is a Guard Tour System and How Does It Works?

09 Feb.,2023


What is a guard tour system?

A guard tour system is a technology that is used to monitor and track the movements and activities of security guards or other personnel as they perform their duties. The system typically consists of a handheld device, called a guard tour reader, that the guard carries with them as they patrol an area. The device is programmed with a predetermined route or series of locations that the guard is expected to visit. As the guard travels along the route, they use the device to scan special identification markers, called checkpoints, that are placed at various locations along the way.

rfid guard tour system

How does it work?

Each checkpoint is equipped with a unique identifier that is recorded by the guard tour reader when the guard scans it. The device also records the time and date of the scan, as well as any additional information that the guard may enter, such as observations or notes about the location. The data collected by the guard tour reader is then transferred to a central computer system, where it can be analyzed and used to track the progress of the guard's patrol, identify any deviations from the predetermined route, and verify that the guard is completing their duties in a timely and efficient manner.

Benefits of guard tour system

There are several benefits to using a guard tour system. One of the main advantages is that it provides a record of the guard's activities, which can be useful for auditing and quality control purposes. It can also help to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of security patrols by ensuring that guards are following their routes and visiting all of the designated checkpoints. Additionally, the system can be used to alert supervisors or dispatch personnel if a guard fails to scan a checkpoint within a certain timeframe, or if there are any other deviations from the predetermined route.

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