How GPS trackers can save your life in 2020

01 Mar.,2023


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GPS devices can be put on the goods, allowing the police to go after the signal instead of blindly driving around the shop looking for suspects. A story from the Aurora Pharmacy in Milwaukee is a good example of how effective this method can be.

A man broke into the pharmacy without knowing that one of his stolen pill bottles contained a GPS tracking device. The police went straight after the package and soon caught the 27-year old man who turned out to be the burglar. As South Milwaukee Police Captain Jill Kallay put it, the arrest was unlikely had the GPS trackers not been installed.

Another example comes from India, where a 21-year old kidnapped his mother’s partner and demanded a ransom from the 50-year old’s family. They asked the police for help, and a plan to put a GPS tracker in the bag with the money was devised. The kidnapper was caught red-handed with the ransom and put into custody, along with his four friends that helped him deal with his mother’s partner.

Getting back to the US, a robber entered a home in La Crosse, taking three guns and a computer from a woman who lived there. He was wearing a GPS bracelet after a previous crime, which made law enforcement’s work much easier. Bracelet’s signal showed that the suspect was at the scene of a crime, and soon he was arrested.

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