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30 Jan.,2023


heat resistant conveyor belt

What are the ways to improve the service life of heat-resistant conveyor belts? Here are some conveyor belt manufacturers to introduce to you, I hope our introduction can help you better.

1. In the industrial and mining transportation industry, heat-resistant conveyor belts are a common product and a very important part. However, in actual use, there are many reasons for the tearing of the tape. We choose ordinary canvas belts instead of steel cord core belts. Or synthetic fiber belt, the guide groove design should be convenient for bulk materials to pass, etc. Most conveyor systems should also be equipped with a tear detection system. When the conveyor belt is torn, it can be detected in time. Stopping the conveyor can reduce the conveyor belt. Of tearing. The heat-resistant conveyor belt is a kind of consumable, which is a part of the belt conveyor. It runs through the entire length of the conveyor. It is not only used in large quantities, but also expensive. The conveying rubber is composed of upper and lower covering rubber and belt cores. The reason for the longitudinal tearing of the heat-resistant conveyor belt. The vibration and impact cause the fasteners to loosen and fall off, forming the falling coal pipe liner, the guide plate, etc. , The roller is defective, the roller frame is scratched, and the conveyor belt is hung by the frame after severely running off.

2. The main reason for the cracking of the conveyor belt is that due to the limitation of the space scale, the conveyor belt has many twists and turns; the joint vulcanization has been vulcanized more than twice due to various reasons. The gap between the guide chute liner and the tape is inappropriate, resulting in abnormal wear, or foreign objects embedded in the gap, resulting in abnormal wear or scratches. The flow rate of the material at the guide trough is inconsistent with the speed of the conveyor belt, and the drop is large, which accelerates the wear of the rubber surface. The roller is damaged, causing abnormal wear or scratches of the tape. Slippage of the tape will also cause abnormal wear of the tape. When our factory detects heat-resistant conveyor belts, tearing causes the detection of external behavior changes. The detector uses the material that leaks out after the heat-resistant tape is torn, and triggers a protection switch to instruct the conveyor to stop, although external testing equipment can prevent Tear, but it still cannot fundamentally protect the conveyor belt. We must pay attention to this aspect in actual use.