Water clears out vacuum hose

26 Apr.,2023


Dear Heloise:

My central-vacuum hose was clogged and had almost no suction. My husband thought water power would clear it. He took it to a carwash and sprayed water into the hose. It washed out a big wad of stuff. I hung it up to dry. It has better suction now than it has had for years!

A Reader, via email

Dear Heloise:

If you are getting ready for a party and find that you're one tray short, not to worry. You have a backup tray in your kitchen, hiding in plain sight. It's the glass turntable in your microwave oven!

James R., Massillon, Ohio

Dear Heloise:

Most of the family has white socks; I collect them in a large lingerie bag and wash and dry them. No more orphaned socks! The same can be done with colored or small children's socks.

Roz in Cheshire, Conn.

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