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15 Oct.,2022


Rubber Conveyor Belt For Sale

Supplier From Quanzhou, Fujian, China

Working voltage:AC220V Load Power:single way 2000W(resistant) MOQ:500pcs Case material:ABS flame-retardant Working temperature range:-20~80 ípC Service Life: 10years Warrant:one-year replacement,lifetime maintenance Functional Concept 1.Centralized control:one LCD scene remote control can control 1000 ways of all the lights and electronics of house. 2.With the use of our company intelligent dimmer switch can remotely control. 3.Users can set the relation between the remote controller and module freely by theirs eves. 4.User can set 5 kinds of personalized lighting or electronic scenes, the realization of rich scenarios transform. 5.The LCD sence remote control applies to night or darkness occasion. 6.If not press any button in the scene remote control within 10 seconds,the LCD will be turned off automatically and go into energy saver mode. Product Features Learn single button:Change the traditional learning method, setting the button freely. Control freely:You can control several electrical equipments with a same remote ocntrol,or use several remote control to control a same electrical equipment. Easy installation:The wireless switch replace the traditional wall switch directrly,not only not needless to change the traditional wiring,but also non-destructive for original decoration. Saving material:Connecting the power line of intelligent switch module to lamps directly,needless the control line for loop.It is simple and easily that all lights are in parallel connection and only 1 way of line for one room,saving money and time.The traditional 86 type switch can only control 3 ways of lights,and the wireless intelligent switch can control more than 144 ways. Use safety:The remote control are safe to use for elderly and children because they are away from the heavy-current,set user's heart at rest. Load the variety:Can connect all kinds of home lighting equipments,such as incandescent lamp,fluorescent lamp,energy-saving lamp and electric fan and other home electric appliances. Beautiful and practical:With the international popular color on the surface design ,multi-colour;made of high-end electric material,high strength,no pollution,safety and environment;advanced surface treatment technology,wear resistance,fadeless and ageing resistance. Variable position:You can install the wireless switch anywhere by yourself. Configuration flexible:Can add the control module or remote control anytime anywhere,part also full sets configuration. Long service life:Choose with the standard component,all through strict sieving,high pressure testing,aging,to ensure the number of switching amounted to a hundred thousand,function superiority,remove the customer's worries. Easy maintenance:Use standard plug,needless to remove the wire when changing,plug and play. Product Functions Aoft-start funtion:Intelligent lighting realized the lighting dimming function.No longer worried for dazzling lamplight when you get up in night.Adapt your eyes to the brightness of lights slowly and protect from lighting irritation.Extend the service life of light bulb and tube because of no impulse current. Dimmer function:Don't you need to creat a rich lighting effect when you get together with family or friends?Don't you need to turn the light softer when you enjoy the romantic moment with your lover in bedroom?Intelligent lighting,controlling the brightness of lighting freely can be easily realized.Make your life with your family more warmth and romantic!With it,seems to have a temperature and feeling of home,a rich expression! Memory sate:Don't you want keep the brightness of light same as last time you turn off when you turn on next time?Intelligent lighting,memory the brightness of light last operation can be easily realized.Save your time to turn the brightness of light! Scene function:You can set freely different lighting for different scene and keep automaticlly by your mood or activities.Overt or covert,on or off,the combination of lighting and scene make our vision even fashionable,and make spatial performance displayed in an even dynamic and colorful manner. Turn on/off all:Press the specific button bindings to control all the lights or other electrical equipments of both single and all areas.Busy you are no longer turn off the lihgts and appliances one by one when have a rest or go out in night! Integrated control:When in bed,have you even think about controlling all lights or appliances like the controller on the bedside table in hotel?As long as selecting WEIONE intelligent switch,it can be easily realized! Size:88mm*45mm*28mm