The Design and Analysis of the Hydraulic-pressure Seal of the Engine Box

04 Nov.,2022


high pressure hydraulic seals


According to the sealing requirements of engine casing, using NX software to establish three-dimensional solid model of the engine box. Designing two seals suppress schemes basing on analyzing the characteristics of the case structure, one of seal is using two pins on one side to localize, the other is using cylinder to top tight and fasten, Clarifying the reasons for the using the former scheme have a lower cost. At the same time analysesing of the forces and deformation of the former scheme using finite element analysis software and the NX software, results proved that the pressure scheme can meet the actual needs of the program. It illustrated the composition of the basic principles of manual pressure and hydraulic system, verifed the feasibility of the seal program using experiment, providing reference for the experimental program of hydrostatic pressure in the future.