Silicone Rubber Cord Red Oxide , Hard H80 Silicone Rubber Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Selangor, Johor Bahru (JB) Manufacturer, Supplier, Supply, Supplies

17 Sep.,2022


silicone rubber cord

Silicone Rubber Cord Red Oxide , Hard H80

Silicone Rubber Cord


Production description of Silicone Rubber Cords


Cord is an eternally popular product. Silicone Rubber Cords are held in stock in metric sizes ranging from 1mm to 25mm , having in red oxide colour and translucent colour . Most commonly used in the manufacture of vulcanised  joint ‘O’ rings and seals.


AlphaSil remains the primary choice for these products because of its ability to deliver immediately. The fabrication department is also well equipped to join cords into ‘O’ rings and seals with special treatment to the cord to achieve high strength of join.


  • Food and pharmaceutical industries.

  • High temperature sealing applications.

  • Door seals, oven seals, packaging.

  • Gaskets in applications that require superior sealing properties in harsh environments.

  • Laboratory use, autoclaves, food and pharmaceutical, beverages, medical sectors

  • Chemical, thermal power stations, textiles, rubber Process Vulcanizer etc.