The Ultimate Guide to Zero Waste Coffee

24 Oct.,2022


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A Chemex set up, but with zero waste

Now, onto brewing. The trusty Chemex has been a part of many specialty coffee brewers’ setups for years. But, did you know that there are zero waste alternatives for the Chemex paper filters?
You can purchase Chemex filters made from sustainable material, such as the one from CoffeeSock. These filters are made from organic cotton which is responsibly produced. You simply insert the coffee sock into your Chemex as you would a normal filter, brew your coffee as you would do, and then rinse it and leave it to dry once you’ve finished.
Coffee socks last for over a year at which point you can take them to your local clothing recycling centre. The fact they’re made from cotton also means that they absorb some of the oils but allow the acidity to go through into your cup. They produce a fresh, crisp taste.
Whatsmore, these coffee socks are made in the US and the company prides itself with the fact its employees are well-paid and work in good conditions. Since you’re being mindful about your waste, it’s a good idea to be mindful about everything else too. 

The best zero waste alternative is still classic French Press, even though this option is not appealing to hard-core coffee enthusiasts. Have a look at some sustainable alternatives to add to your kitchen set up at Happy and Green Shop and read more of the tips on zero waste coffee preparation alternatives.