The ultimate guide to recycling coffee packaging

24 Oct.,2022


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The only real catch, in this case, is that it needs to be 100% clean of any debris or waste from the coffee itself. This means that the packaging needs to be properly cleaned and rinsed before taken to a recycling facility. Adding such a legend for consumers to know outside the package is always a great addition.

When it comes to rice paper, this organic material is appealing to sight, touch, is compostable and biodegradable. Furthermore, rice paper is landfill-friendly; this means that natural bacteria can decompose it in very little time. Adding to that, it won’t generate any carbon dioxide as it decomposes. You guessed it; it lowers our carbon footprint on the world.

If additional layers are included in the package to block the sun and preserve the product, they need to be removed before composting. Adding a little instruction on how to do it could be a perfect choice.