Model-free volume and pressure cycled control of automatic bag valve mask ventilator

19 Apr.,2023


Ventilators are drawn to many researchers during the Covid-19 pandemic because it's essential equipment that's accustomed to treat severe Covid-19 patients. In low-income countries, there's a shortage of pricy respiratory devices resulting in exceeding the provision of taking care of Covid-19's patients in ICU. This paper attempts to design and implement an appropriate respiratory device referred to as a bag valve mask (BVM) ventilator for those who are Covid-19 patients in medical care, those patients have a requirement of safe transport and also palliative care. The BVM ventilator comprises a man-made manual breath unit (AMBU) bag and paddles for squeezing the AMBU bag which is popular in medical aid settings. The BVM ventilator is required to travel airflow through the system to the patient's lung with the specified volume for every breath cycle within a threshold air pressure. Since the AMBU bag is straightforward to be deformed over time, it's difficult to get mathematical modelling for constructing a reliable controller. Therefore, a model-free control (MFC) control approach is utilized successfully to style a controller for our BVM ventilator model with a PEEP valve and a HEPA filter. Some experimental scenarios are administered to gauge the effectiveness of the proposed controller for the BVM ventilator to control the airflow and control air pressure mode.

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