Flat Bottom Kraft Paper Bags

01 Dec.,2022


Extra Information

  • SKU: PB-B001
  • Pack Quantity: 50 pcs
  • Food Safe: Yes
  • Waterproof/Oil-proof: Yes
  • Microwave proof: No
  • Freezer proof: No
  • Heat Sealable: Yes, impulse sealer and heat sealer
  • Closure Type: Zipper
  • Frosted Window: Yes
  • Tear Notch: Yes
  • Straight corners: 4 straight corners
  • Capacity: See chart in product details
  • Minimum order: 2000 pcs
  • Custom print/color: > 500 pcs. Please contact us for quotation!

Product Specification

SizeBottom Radius100 WeightDog FoodRicePowder 10*20+6 cm6cm900g210g380g240g 12*22+6 cm6cm1140g370g690g450g 14*24+6 cm6cm1360g540g940g580g 16*26+8 cm8cm1910g900g1500g850g 18*28+8 cm8cm2140g1100g2300g1100g 20*30+8 cm8cm2320g1500g2500g1500g

Please note that all volume & bag sizes are estimates and are based on tests using conventional products. Free samples for testing available upon request.


Product Details

The square bottom bags with a window features a zip closure and tear notch. These resealable features have proven to be valuable marketing tools, while the rectangular window design provides the added benefit of giving customers the ability to view the packaged product prior to purchase. The tear notches enable access even after heat sealing. The range of film lined bags ensures eye-catching product display for your items. The square bottom construction of this style of the bag allows it to stand securely on store shelves. Ideal for tea, confectionery, whole foods, cookies, muesli, baked goods, etc.

Looking for 8 side seal bags with your own design? From 500 pieces, we can print the pouch according to your needs so that you can distinguish your own best. Why not ask for an offer. Go now!