Smart Blackboard FC-162EB

24 Nov.,2022


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More Indtroduction of LED recordable smart blackboard

Please read below information about the development of multimedia classroom solution, then you will know the how the LED recordable smart blackboard appears and why the classrooms need it.


In the past, there 4 generation reforms for multimedia digital classroom:

1. The 1st Generation is traditional digital classroom, installed with Projection Screen ,projector , desktop computer,blackboard or white board , podium and speakers. The solution is not interactive because of none touchable screen, all displaying and operation depend on controller, PC mouse and keyboard.


2.  The 2nd Gen is traditional smart classroom, installed with interactive whiteboard , projector , computer or multimedia all-in-one PC,blackboard or white board. The solution is interactive, multi touch, modern and smart. The solution occupied the education market for more than 15years, acceptable and popular, but nowadays it has been already replaced by new generation product (LED interactive panel displays), because the system needs at least 4 products installed separately and it's with none HD color viewing experience.


3.  The 3rd Gen solution is LED interactive flat panel with blackboard or white board. The 3rd smart board solution is all in one, no need projector and computer external connected, easier to install and use. But the system still need 2 types of products to be purchased and installed separately.


4.  The 4th Gen solution is Nano smart blackboard, which is all-in-one designed, no need separately to buy any writing board. The entire surface is much bigger and seamless for convenient chalk writing.  But the smart blackboard can not record and save the writing notes on the blackboard, the notes are erased after writing.


5. The 5th Gen solution is EIBOARD LED Recordable Smart Blackboard, which has 4 versions since V1.0 launched in 2018. The V3.0 and V4.0 are popular and valuable.  It's newly designed with really all-in-one. It solves all the pain points of above 4 solutions and exceeds the above 4 reforms.

The LED Recordable Smart Blackboard has all functions of Interactive Smart Board, Projection, School Chalkboard, LED Interactive Touch Displays, Nano blackboard, Speakers, Visualizer, Controller, Pen Tray, etc..


Besides above functions included, it has more unique designs:

1)  The LED Recordable Smart Blackboard can record handwriting notes as e-content in multiple working modes, and quick to save.

2)  The saved e-content is easily to share to students to review , and upload to school cloud platform for parents to turtor children on learning.

3) The writing panel surface is 100% interactive as an ultra super big surface, with seamless design.

3) The left and right writing board surface as subscreen, there are multiple optional types, eg. marker board, chalk board , blackboard, whiteboard, green board etc..The subscreen sizes can be customized according to main screen size.

4)  The middle lcd panel as main screen can be written as board surface writing by marker or chalk, and easy to erase.

5) Available sizes : 146inch, 162inch and 185inch