Slurry Pumping

14 Mar.,2023


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One of the major challenges in choosing the right pump for pumping saltwater is that much of the time, it isn't just water that's coming along for the ride. When purchasing a new water pump for slurry pumping applications, it's important to consider what else will be in your fluid – which can be everything from dirt and sand to bigger rocks, and even larger debris both natural and manmade. If you're pumping out of a natural body of water, you might even have a fish wander a little too close to your pump intake.


The term "slurry" can refer to a wide variety of pumping situations, but most generally the term refers to dissolved or pulverized solids suspended in a liquid. Different materials can behave in very different ways depending on what you're pumping. If you are running a pump on your pond, you may need to plan primarily for mud, while making sure you know the consistency of the soil so you can plan for the right size pump for such a job.


There are many industrial applications for slurry pumping, as well. Mining and construction operations may often need to drain areas filled with water or other liquids and may require special planning to ensure the right equipment is on site to get the pumping job done. The oil and gas drilling method known as "fracking" also uses this quite a bit, both in the drilling itself as well as recovering the slurry after drilling.


If you use the wrong equipment in slurry pumping, you run the risk of damage to the pump interior from everything ranging from larger objects becoming jammed, to solid particles creating impact damage on the pump walls and impeller, to abrasion and erosion damage from particles corroding over time. If you are choosing a pump for a smaller application, it's important to know the size and consistency of particulate that may be coming into the pump. If you are choosing a pump for an industrial application, consulting a qualified engineer may be necessary to ensure you are buying equipment that will be up to the task at hand.


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