Cast Steel Gate Valve

27 Feb.,2023


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Cast steel gate valves can be manufactured into two types. 

The first is automatic sealing which applies pressure to the medium and seals the vessel when it forms. The external force is then used to force the seal. They use different media but the sealing effects of both are similar. 

Steel gate valve provide reliable benefits for steam, water, gas, oil, and oil vapor. As a Cast Steel Gate Valve manufacturer, a variety of frames are available in SIO.

Cast steel gate valves are used to shut off pipelines like those for petroleum and chemical industries. Cast steel gate valves are available in Raised Face (RF), Ring Type Joint (RTJ), and Butt Weld(BW) according to ANSI B16.25. You can also request your cast steel gate valve supplier for other end connections if you need any customization.

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