Thermal Imaging Lenses, Infrared Lenses

20 Sep.,2022


automotive lens supplier

Alkor Technologies produces large number of Infrared Lenses for Thermal Imaging Cameras. Check our catalog for details or send us RFQ for custom solution now!

List of available Thermal Imaging Lenses for Cameras include:

Optical coatings for Thermal Imaging Lenses include:

  • high efficiency BBAR (Broad Band Anti-Reflective)
  • high durability, medium efficiency BBAR
  • Diamond-Like Carbon coatings (DLC)
  • filters

With our in-house, full optical capabilities, we are well positioned to serve the commercial FLIR and Thermography Lens markets. We also offer excellent prototype service for researchers, orders can be made for 1-5 IR Thermal Imaging Lens.
Our Infrared Lenses are essential components for Infrared Camera Manufacturers for their rescue systems, maintenance systems and automotive night vision systems. Germanium and Silicon IR lenses can be ordered with Hard Carbon coating for outdoor and marine applications.

For more information about Thermal Imaging Lenses please contact our Sales Team