Spherical VS Cylindrical goggle lenses

12 Apr.,2023


There are 2 types of lenses being used by snow goggle companies, spherical and cylindrical, both offer great performance and it really comes down to your budget. Your style points will be higher with the spherical lens, but in our opinion you will see just as well and get great performance with a cylindrical lens. Most companies offer the spherical in their higher end frames, and cylindrical in the lower priced products. The spherical lens looks curved, and helps maximize your field of view and generally comes in med to large sized frames. Spherical lenses  mimic the curvature of your eye to help give you superior vision in all directions.  At Action Sport Optics we offer a great selection of spherical lens options from respected brands like the Spy Platoon , Dragon APX , Anon Comrade , and the Scott Fix .  The cylindrical lens is also a great option, it is more flat and low profile, it does not have the curve that mimics the eyeball like the spherical lens.  The cylindrical lens is a bit more flexible and provides great protection, style, and performance at a cheaper price.  Action Sport Optics also has a great selection of cylindrical lens options from respected brands like the  Spy Zed , Dragon DX , and the Anon Helix .

Spherical Lens (rounded) Example:
Spy Platoon Pictured

Cylindrical ( flat lens ) example:
Dragon DX pictured

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