Mistakes To Avoid When Using Thread Gages

30 Sep.,2022


go/no-go thread plug gauges

In some instances a custom gage is required. An example would be custom threads or an application such as pre-plating. In these cases, a standard gage will not be the correct size. If your print lists specific dimensions different than the standard, it is important to share that information with the gage maker to ensure you receive the correct gage. If you’re replacing an existing gage, keep an eye out for indications of a custom such as the call out “UNS” which states that the gage is unique from the standard. When in doubt, there is no such thing as too much information. The details of the gage should be engraved on the handles or members, which will help identify how the gage needs to be made. Additionally, part prints will also help with making the correct gage for your requirements.