Recycling Center Baling Machines - Linear Position Sensors

10 Nov.,2022


baler machine recycling

Baler machines are used by recycling centers and shopping centers to compact cardboard, paper, and metals into bales that can then be shipped off for recycling. These machines are equipped with large hydraulic cylinders to compact the material and to force the bale out of the baler.

A number of these machines are provided with mechanical limit switches to regulate the Ram position and ejectors. When mechanical limit switches are used, the baler only knows fully opened or closed and must make a full cycle if it is just half full. In applications where heavy objects or metals are being compacted, there are risks related to these sensors being damaged from falling fragments.


The 950MD Mill Duty Housing and 953 VMax Linear Displacement Transducer (LDT) are an ideal substitute to Limit Switches and lower cost linear sensors. The 953 VMax LDT is fitted inside of the Stainless Steel 950MD Mill Duty Housing, and the 950MD Housing is fitted to the machine or cylinder to capture the Ram and Bale ejector positions.

The 950MD Housing offers an extra layer of protection to guarantee the longevity of the Baler. The 953 VMax™ offers absolute position feedback that will inform the host controller precisely where it is at within its stroke, thereby eliminating the need for the Ram to stroke completely when it is just half full.

The 950MD/ 953VMax LDT is engineered for applications where rugged continuous feedback is essential. The sensor can be an effective replacement to limit and proximity sensors and linear potentiometers.

The 950MD Mill Duty Housing and The 953 VMax LDT


  • Increased productivity
  • Less wear on equipment
  • PLC knows the absolute position of the ram
  • Solves problems with mechanical limit switches
  • Solves problems related to damage from falling debris

Potential Customers

Baler/Crusher OEMs and large recycling centers

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