Ozone Generators: Can They Remove Bad Odor and Mold From Cars

01 Feb.,2023


Car Ozone Generator

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Ozone generator reviews may have you on the fence. In a time when the importance of clean air is stressed, you might be worried about the quality of your home or car's air. People all over the world are putting down cigarettes and are buying air purifiers in the hope of purifying their air.

Many people who detail and sell cars for a living aren't new to ozone machines. It's a simple odor removal hack for them. A fresh air smell and cigarette smoke stench could be what makes or breaks a sale. If you're interested in ozone treatment, be sure to know the pros and cons first.

What is Ozone Gas

Ozone gas is made of three oxygen molecules. O2 is the natural molecule we inhale. Although, once it combines with a reactive (or a broken) oxygen atom, it becomes O3. Ozone can be dangerous.


First and foremost, be sure not to expose people, plants, or pets to the generator when it's in use. It could cause damage to your respiratory system. As soon as you start the timer function on your generator, leave the affected area. After understanding the dangers of using an ozone generator, consider using one. If you do not fully understand the process, consider other methods.

How Do Ozone Generators Work

Why Do People Use Ozone Generators

Allergens and smoke odors are not great for air quality. These could be the reasons why you have a dry throat, itchy eyes, or ongoing cough. There are many air purification methods, but ozone generators are known to get rid of mildew.

The use of ozone is often used for bad smells. From pets, indoor smoking, and more. Many people compare the smell of ozone to bleach. If your home smells sanitized after using an ozone generator, then it did its job. After putting windows up, the ozone smell should leave.


Best Ozone Generators

Amazon has a variety of ozone generators. If you're interested in increasing your indoor air quality and understand the risks of using one as an air cleaner, this option is an excellent choice for small spaces and large areas.

  • C5000mg/h ozone output
  • 3-year warranty

An Amazon review: "I took a chance on this particular machine and it paid off - it did an excellent job of eliminating that stale cigarette smoke stink. I used an outlet timer, set it for 6 hours, set the ozone generator to ongoing, made sure I had what I needed to take with me already to go and put outside front door, then turned on the timer and went directly out that door. Several, approx 8-10 treatments eradicated the bad smells."


It sounds like it's worth it. As for portability, this gets a five-star review as well. It only weighs 3.5 pounds.

Amazon's Choice for generators is budget-friendly and top-notch. This generator has nearly 2,000 fantastic ratings. The generator is ready to get rid of musty odors. Set the timer to up to three hours then leave the room. It's important to air out any areas for 30 minutes before letting people, plants, or pets occupy the room again.

It's under $100, which is a fantastic price for something of this quality.


  • Ozone output from 100 to 1080mg/h

OdorStop's generator can treat up to 2,500 square feet. It is a bit pricey, but it covers a large area compared to many ozone generators. Consider this pick for large rooms or common areas. Even work offices! If your job has a musty area, it could be worth bringing up the idea of a professional using one of these on the weekend while everyone is out.

We love how portable it is, though. It only weighs about 3.5 pounds, making it super lightweight. Luckily it won't be a hassle to move this around (or even let a friend borrow it).

Alpine Air's generator can provide up to 6,000 hours of operation. This high-quality generator will rid your basements, cars, and homes of bad odor. It weighs just over six pounds, making it a bit heavier than the options above but still light enough that it won't take two to carry it. I know these machines look heavy, but they're not!

This machine is from a trusted brand, with over 10 years of sales and service. If you have any questions, be sure to contact Alpine Air.


A customer left a five-star review and wrote, "This product is amazing, Dog, gym and fish odors gone. Great to use in the car also." If you're looking for a unit that's under $100 and gets the job done, consider this brand.