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10 Nov.,2022


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Equipment Spotlight | OCT 2022 Balers


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Last year, the EPA reported that while 68 percent of paper was recycled, there was only a 9 percent recycling rate for plastics. The reason? Products made from paper are very different from those made by plastics and likewise, the way each are recycled, differs greatly. For instance, paper items when recycled, are more easily identified and sorted. Regardless, both materials must be contained during the recycling process, for improved ease in handling, storage, transportation and/or sale.

The variety of balers available for containing both materials is immense and the variations between the two materials must of course, be taken into consideration, when choosing the most effective baler type.

“Nonferrous, solid waste and single-stream facilities can rely on International Baler’s two-ram baler for solid, heavy duty construction and quick changeover of material. Our customers can also expect the most standard features of any two-ram, setting International Baler above the rest of the market,” stated Sean Usoff, sales and marketing director.

He also explained that document destruction facilities and distribution centers benefit from International Baler’s open-end auto-tie, which offers high volume through-put, heavy bale weights, and is available in numerous standard configurations, including a space-saving vertical-tie option. The flagship model, the ATX, is the first roller-platen auto-tie built in the USA, capable of processing forty-five tons of OCC per hour. International Baler also provides vertical balers, closed-door horizontals (including full-ejects), and specialty machines for textiles, dust and mote, foam and more. Every baler is engineered for reliability, safety and ease of operation.

International Baler is dedicated to providing outstanding customer service before, during, and after the sale. “Thanks to our experienced sales and service departments, you can expect knowledgeable support for the long life of your equipment. We’ve been a leading manufacturer of industrial recycling equipment since 1946, offering over two-hundred different models to meet the unique needs of almost any customer’s application,” concluded Usoff.

Maren offers three types of horizontal balers in many sizes for both paper and plastic products: closed-end manual-ties, open-end auto-ties and two-ram. Todd Wondrow, president, commented, “Our ever increasing product breadth and width gives our team the unique ability to provide paper and plastic recyclers of all sizes, with the exact baler they need. Each type of baler Maren offers is available in a wide array of motor and cylinder sizes, and hopper openings.”

Maren product interlocking steel plates are single and often triple pass welded on both sides of each attaching plate. Doing this improves the strength of the weldments and distributes the forces being applied over multiple plates. “Using thicker, interlocking steel plates is the reason our balers are often the heaviest balers in each class.

The Maren key lock cylinder mount is unique in the market. This type of mount allows for a steel-to-steel flange mount by four bolts, which are unaffected by cylinder baling force. This eliminates the danger of breaking cylinder bolts. Also, our product use of multiple motors allows users to keep the second or third motor in reserve. Incorporating this option during times when throughput levels are low saves on electrical costs,” added Wondrow.

He noted that Chinese policies for the importation of recyclable waste, Operation Green Fence & National Sword have redefined the domestic recycling landscape. “Although U.S. exports have started to level out, we also have begun producing more recyclable waste due to the pandemic. This has led to more investment in recycling infrastructure and innovation, especially for fiber and plastic. Labor shortages have necessitated the need to proceed in other ways and switching from a vertical to horizontal baler can help in that regard.”

Maren has manufactured high quality, long lasting horizontal balers for paper & plastic recyclers for over 60 years for customers in the following industries: paper/cardboard converters, distribution centers, single-stream recycling centers, transfer stations, material recovery facilities, manufacturing plants, general/confidential paper shredding and scrap metal yards.

Van Dyk Recycling Solutions offers high-speed, high-capacity, fully-automatic balers for recyclers and waste processors operating anywhere between 15 to 50 tons of material per hour.

Models offered are the HBC-120, HBC-140 and HBC-180. Balers handle all types of paper, cardboard, aluminum and plastics and seamlessly switch between grades for the ultimate flexibility in baling. All models are strictly “no-shear” and are designed with a pre-press compression flap that condenses material into square bales that are evenly dense on all sides (making them easier to stack and store). Material preloads on top of the flap while the flap is in motion to keep the baler maintaining high speeds. Eliminating the act of shearing drastically reduces wear and tear on the machine and reduces maintenance costs.

“Our customers are consistently impressed with the performance and reliability of our balers. ‘It just runs and runs,’ and ‘it gives us a sense of confidence every day’ are sentiments we often hear. We like to say the baler is the heart of any recycling operation, and ours keep hundreds of operations pumping, sometimes for decades! Our balers are known to last for ten, even twenty years with no signs of slowing down,” said Mark Neitzey, sales director.

He concluded with, “Every baler is backed by our unmatched customer support plan, which includes exclusive access to our extensive parts warehouse and 24/7 technical assistance over the phone, at no extra charge. We keep all spare parts in stock in our Connecticut warehouse, so they are ready to ship the moment you need them. We also offer a new option for remote serviceability: Van Dyk Vision. Using augmented reality technology, our technicians can live stream footage of your plant and give directions in real time. It’s just like having an expert in your plant, in an instant.”

Published in the October 2022 Edition of American Recycler News