Latex vs Nitrile vs Vinyl Gloves: The Differences and When to Use Them

08 Feb.,2023


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Disposable gloves provide an essential protective barrier between skin and a potentially infectious or harmful substance. When used in healthcare, gloves provide the first line of defence for healthcare workers against bloodborne pathogens when attending to sick patients.

But disposable gloves aren’t just used by doctors and surgeons. Mechanics, laboratory technicians, factory workers, and even hairdressers use disposable gloves to protect from chemical substances that could harm their skin. 

HSE states in its guide to selecting the right disposable gloves that:

“There are four requirements which must be met for any protective glove selected to be suitable. The glove must: be appropriate for the risk(s) and the conditions where it is used; take into account the ergonomic requirements and state of health of the person wearing it; fit the wearer correctly, if necessary, after adjustments; either prevent or control the risk involved without increasing the overall risk.”

So what's the difference between latex nitrile and vinyl gloves, and how do you know which ones you should use?

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