Essential Oil Extraction Machine

21 Dec.,2022


If you are looking for an Essential Oil Extraction Machine, then you should definitely contact the experts at Cedarstone Industry. With our high-quality and durable extraction equipment, we’re sure to find the right solutions to your industrial problems. Located in Houston, we are very grateful to be able to provide superior quality equipment to some big-time corporations. Some of our previous customers have included names such as Heineken, Anheuser-Busch, GEA, Tetra Pk, Coca-Cola, GE Pharmaceutic, and a long list of pretty recognizable companies. So when you choose Cedarstone Industry, you can be sure that you’ll be receiving quality products and services. With over twenty years of experience, we are able to provide engineering, commissioning, constructing, and servicing quality products for a number of industrial purposes.

Since 1992, we have been part of the sanitary industry. And thanks to our rigorous and consistent commitment to quality, we have developed into an all-around entity. We are able to supply turn-key installation services, brewing tank manufacturing, CIP, UHT, water purification, large scale brewing equipment, and much more. Whether it’s distillation methods, essential oil extraction equipment to extract the essential oil, solvent extraction, or plant material, we got you covered. Above all, we aim to use our vast experience and knowledge to help clients reach all of their industrial goals.

Quality Essential Oil Extraction Machine and Equipment

When it comes to extracting essential oils, you should never compromise on the quality of equipment you use. Instead, opt for the experience and dedication of Cedarstone Industry. You can be sure that our commitment to excellence will ensure that you get the best products and services available. Regardless of what part of the extraction process you need assistance in, we got you covered. Our quality and durable equipment are great for making the following steps efficient and cost-effective:

  • Extraction
  • Centrifuge Extractor
  • Distillation
  • Decarboxylation
  • Crystallization
  • Chromatography

If you are involved in any of these steps, then we can definitely be of great help to you. Our equipment is durable and high in quality, ensuring safety and quality production. Contact us for more information regarding the certain equipment we offer for each step in the extraction process.

Essential Oil Ethanol Extraction System

If you are looking or a quality essential oil extraction system, then you should turn Cedarstone Industry. As a manufacturer of essential oil extraction systems, we are able to provide the cannabis hemp oil industry with quality and durable closed-loop low-pressure oil extraction systems.

Our extraction systems are great for commercial producers that wish to have methods that are both efficient and cost-effective. Even more, our essential oil ethanol extraction systems are much better in terms of efficiency than their supercritical CO2 extraction counterparts. Cedarstone Industry’s great line of essential oil extraction systems includes a series of distillation, extraction, and crystallization machines. In addition, our equipment provides businesses with extremely safe methods of hemp oil extraction technology. This quality and efficient technology are great for both the consumer and the operators, providing great service for many years to come. Consequently, you’ll be able to grow your business for a long time to come.

The cannabis industry actually regards essential oil ethanol extraction systems as the best way to extract CBD for commercial use. Ethanol extract not only water-soluble compounds but oil-soluble compounds as well. Additionally, these essential oil machines extract certain terpenes and cannabinoids from cannabis. Moreover, these systems will leave unwanted molecules such as lipids and waxes behind. Our turnkey essential oil extraction systems come in sizes starting from 100L.

The Features That Come with These Systems Include:

  • Both primary and secondary tanks for the cooling ethanol
  • Durable extraction tank
  • Filter
  • A storage tank for the extracted liquid
  • Ethanol recovery concentrator
  • Concentrated liquid storage tank
  • Recycling tank for ethanol
  • Ethanol distillation tower
  • Concentrated Ethanol Tank
  • Ethanol pumps, concentrate pumps and extract pumps

Whenever you find yourself with questions or concerns regarding any of our products and services, don’t hesitate to give us a quick call. Our team of friendly representatives is great for answering questions about our products and services.

Essential Oil Centrifuge Extractor Machine

In addition to our high-quality and durable extraction systems, we also offer batch production centrifuges extractor machines and equipment.

These durable and high-quality centrifuge extractor machines are perfect for low-temperature ethanol and cannabis essential oil extraction purposes. Our line of centrifuges is very easy to maintain, operate, and can also be configured to your company’s specifications. In addition, our centrifuge machines are great for high-speed operations while ensuring safety at all times. The features for our centrifuges include the following:

  • Dependable compliance to the latest directives, standards, and GMP requirements
  • Completely modular design delivery, without any need of on-site installation
  • Durable motor and transmission parts enclosed in order to assure sage operation
  • Advances HMI operation interface and control systems to achieve single operation
  • Toshiba or equivalent motor that is explosion-proof
  • An exterior stationary barrel that includes a cooling jacket
  • Quality touch screen and Siemens PLC
  • Optimized designs that allow for temperature extraction at -60 degrees Celsius
  • Reasonable structure design for reliable sealing of bearing
  • EPDM food-grade seal and 316L material
  • Sanitary design and no dead corner
  • A valve that can be configured for automatic control of feeding and discharging
  • Adjustable time setting and agitation speed

And just as a reminder, you should always contact when it comes to questions about our products and services. We really do enjoy speaking and explaining the ins and outs of our products.

Essential Oil Molecular Distillation System

Depending on the specifications and needs of the client, we are also able to develop stainless steel molecular distillation solutions that are both efficient and effective. The aim here is to save our customers costs to the greatest extent possible. Therefore, we provide a wide range of high-performance components, including stable inlets, outlet modules, and magnetic seals that can eliminate secondary contamination during distillation. Sight glass and molecular pumps provide consistently low vacuum condition with great visibility.

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