Cleaning PET bottles

20 Sep.,2022


pet bottles washing line

Hello all.

I have finished 2 brews now adding up to almost 80 pints.

I know a lot of people say it's best to clean the bottles straight after pouring your beer but I have left all the bottles with the sediment and a little beer in the bottom since I bottled them. Let's say up to 2 months for the longest ones.

I have cleaned out all the sediment with my hose/jet wash and the bottles seem pretty damn clean with no sediment left.

My question is do I need to use a cleaning agent such as PBW even though there is no real visible caked on beer left on the bottles or do I just go ahead and just sanitize with some Star San. I have some PBW that came through the post today so using that won't be a problem, should I use it just to be safe or does it not matter too much.

Thanks for the help guys,
Kind Regards,