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19 Dec.,2022


Fully Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine

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Did you know that according to a recent survey by the Employers Council of Quebec, almost half of companies (49.7%) have had to refuse contracts due to labor shortages? If you’re too short on time to consider the possibilities of automation, here’s a quick overview that might make your choice easier.


where to start your

search for equipment?

Before selecting an automation solution, consider these criterias:

  • The pace to be sustained
  • The dimensions of your pallets or your packages and the shape of their assembly
  • The available space in your warehouse
  • The necessary ratio of pre-stretching of the film
  • Maintenance (the equipment can be less expensive initially, but lead to significant maintenance costs)
  • Your budget – including the equipment’s security needs
  • The ROI


Get INSPIREd by these three popular options, perfect for demonstrating every level of automation



Equipment requiring operator intervention
at several stages


Equipment that requires operator intervention to position and remove the pallet. The clip as well as the cutting of the film
are carried out automatically

Fully automatic

Equipment that does not require any operator intervention


1. Semi-automatic solution
Budget between $20,000$ to $25,000 (according to options)

Rather than spinning the pallet on a turntable, it’s the equipment that revolves around the merchandise. This revolutionary idea makes the Robot S6 the equipment of choice in an environment where space is limited and where versatility is essential. Requiring little maintenance, such a solution is also ideal for oversized pallets of up to 110 inches. 

what you should know:

  • 150 to 400% pre-stretch ratio. 
  • Average rate of 25 pallets per hour. 
  • Footprint of 45 inches around the palette. 
  • One year warranty on parts. 
  • Quick project execution

    generally in stock, it can quickly be put into operation in your installations.


Check out the success of the Robot S6, which resulted in savings of 73% at Boulangerie St-Méthode. 


2. Automatic solution
Budget between $25,000$ to $35,000 (and between $10,000$ to $15,000 for securing)

By opting for a rotating arm, like the Rototech from Robopac, all you need to do is to position the palette, start the equipment and then remove the pallet; wrapping and cutting are automated. Low maintenance, the Rototech handles pallets of up to 55 inches in length and width and up to 110 inches in height. 

what you should know:

  • 150 to 400% pre-stretch ratio. 
  • Average rate of 30 pallets per hour. 
  • Footprint of approximately 14 feet by 6½ feet. 
  • Three year warranty on parts. 
  • On average,

    project execution

    between 10 and 12 weeks (from the signing of the quote to the start up of the machine).


3. Fully automatic solution
Budget between $80,000$ to $90,000 (and between $10,000$ to $20,000 for securing)

By automating your entire packaging with, for example, the Technoplat 3000 turntable from Robopac, you could focus on other issues! Suitable for pallets with standard dimensions of up to 110 inches in height, this option automates your end-of-line packaging and withstands the toughest working conditions.

what you should know:

  • 150 to 400% pre-stretch ratio. 
  • Average rate of 35 pallets per hour. 
  • Footprint of 20 feet by 12 feet. 
  • Five year warranty on parts. 
  • On average,

    project execution

    between 15 and 16 weeks (from the signing of the quote to the start up of the equipment). 



OPTIONS ADAPTed to your needs,

in record time



When it comes to automation, it’s easy to get lost. Our advice: Evaluate your options, think in terms of return on investment and remember that your needs may change over time. We also have equipment that offers a speed of nearly 180 pallets per hour and 4.0 technology such as Jules allowing you to remotely monitor the performance of your investment! To give you that extra boost, we always answer the call!