Aroma Digital Rice Cooker

02 Dec.,2022


Digital Rice Cooker

After cooking a few meals in the Aroma Rice Cooker I found myself astonished by the amount of foods it can hold. I remember the first meal was spanish rice, with chicken and potatoes on top. I expected the chicken to be dry, and not as moist but was shocked to see the amount of moistness in the chicken. The potatoes were perfectly cooked as well as the rice underneath. The Aroma Rice cooker has two non-stick surfaced bowls, with one sitting on top of the other. The top bowl (white bowl) is used for steaming your food like chicken, roast, vegetables, ect. This product has a nice scale of choices you can make when it comes to cooking your food from slow cooking, to a delay cooking setting. It is a simple to use almost all purpose rice cooker, that will fit perfectly up on your counter-top maybe even removing your old rice cook/food steamer giving you the extra counter top space.

If you are in need of a rice cook or even a steam cooker I would refer this to any person. Instead of forking out $200.00 for both of them separately simply get them for one low price a the Aroma website. This product is going to make your home cooked  meals delicious, simple, and fast for the family to get together.

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The Aroma Rice Cooker is more than just a rice cooker, it’s also a food steamer leaving your food moist and delicious.