Konjac Ceramide

18 Mar.,2023


Konjac ceramide

Basic information

Product Name Konjac Ceramide Other name Phytoceramide



Se-enriched konjac Brand name BIOSTRACT Part Used Konjac tuber Specification 0.5%,3%,10% Molecular formula C38H75NO5 Active ingredient Ceramide,Glycosphingolipid,Sphingomyelin Appearance Light Yellow Fine Powder Grade Medical and food Test Method HPLC-ELSD place of origin Xi’an, China


Konjac ceramide Test Method Appearance 0.5% HPLC-ELSD Light Yellow Fine Powder 3% HPLC-ELSD Light Yellow Fine Powder 5% HPLC-ELSD Light Yellow Fine Powder 10% HPLC-ELSD Light Yellow Fine Powder

Water solubility: Emulsified products have excellent water solubility.

What is Konjac Ceramide

Konjac ceramide is a functional food and cosmetic active ingredient.Clinical studies have shown that as people age, their levels of ceramide decrease, especially in the face and hands.The research on the application of konjac neuramide has been extended from skin care products, shampoo products and bath products to products with physiological functions and potential application value of drugs.

Ceramide is an important intracellular signaling molecule, and plays an important role in egulating cell proliferation, apoptosis, differentiation and other activities.

Main components of konjac ceramide

Phytoceramide are classified into sphingosine alcohols, ceramides, glycosphingolipids and sphingophospholipids according to the number of side chain groups, unsaturation and hydroxyl groups.

Konjac ceramide were determined to be composed of the following substances:

  1. Ceramides: konjac contains ceramides and is identified as C38H75NO5
  2. Glycosphingolipids: ceramides containing 5 isomers of glycosphingolipids
  3. Sphingophospholipids: sphingophospholipids are a class of sphingophospholipids formed by ester bonds between the 1-bit hydroxyl and phosphocholine (or phosphoric acid) of ceramides.

What are the benefits of Konjac Ceramide

Konjac ceramide is a new active ingredient in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals in recent years, which has a wide range of functional properties.

Effect of konjac ceramide on skin:

  1. Barrier function: the barrier function of the skin is the action of the foreign body to invade the skin tissue and is related to the skin lipids.

    Ceramides play an important role in maintaining the skin barrier.

  2. Moisturizing effect: the water content in the cuticle of the skin obviously affects the elasticity of the skin.

    Ceramide can prevent the loss of skin moisture, the skin plays a moisturizing role.

  3. Rich in sphingolipids
  4. Inhibits the activity of tyrosinase and prevents the production of melanin
  5. Increase the adhesion of keratinocytes to prevent skin moisture loss
  6. Improve skin pH and reduce wrinkles
  7. High stability and water solubility
  1. Natural selenium-rich konjac raw material baoculi organisms
  2. No additives are used in the production process
  3. Research and development and production capacity close to market demand.
  4. Safe, effective
  5. Plant neuramide has natural, safe, green and other artificial synthesis can not compare with the advantages.

Applications of Konjac Ceramide

Konjac ceramide naturally exists in the cuticular interstitium, playing a key role in the physiological function of the cuticular layer, making the skin smooth and meticulous, preventing the skin from drying due to water loss, and containing antioxidant functions. Meanwhile, neurophthalamine is also involved in various physiological and pathological processes such as cell differentiation.As physiological active substances and interfacial active agents, phthaleolamine is widely used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.
It is used in daily chemical industry
As a highly effective moisturizer, it is very easy to be absorbed by the skin and can promote the penetration of other nutrients, especially for the aged skin with an effective moisturizing effect of up to 80%.Some famous cosmetic companies in foreign countries have launched new and advanced cosmetics containing phthalamine, such as skin care products, hair care products, moisturizing lipsticks, lipstick, powder, eye shadow and soap, etc.
In medicine
Neurophthalein plays an important role in inducing biological effects such as cytokines, vitamin D3, and ligand, and it has attracted more and more attention.At the same time, phthalein is also involved in various physiological and pathological processes such as cell differentiation.In the culture of epidermal keratinocytes, NTFS can induce apoptosis.Neurophthalein is a kind of bilayer sphingophospholipid decomposition product, which is recognized as the second messenger.And in the process of cell growth, proliferation, differentiation, apoptosis and damage, neurophthalein plays a wide and important role.

Konjac ceramide brief introduction

Solubility Data

Solvent Max Conc. mg/mL Max Conc. mM DMSO 34.15 100 Ethanol 34.15 100

Product Datasheets

Brief introduction of Konjac and their sources

China is the largest producer of konjac in the world. Konjac has been cultivated for over a thousand years in ankang city. Konjac can adapt well to local climatic conditions.In 2012, the standardized planting of konjac in the city exceeded 400,000 mu, with an annual output of fresh konjac of 480,000 tons.
Ankang city, located in the qinba mountains, is the dominant planting area of konjac and one of the first cities in China to develop konjac industry.At the same time, ankang is one of the only selenium-rich regions found in China, which is known as the “selenium valley of China”.According to the data, ankang has the largest selenium-rich area in China, and two-thirds of the soil area of the city is rich in selenium.The selenium-rich stratum is the thickest, with a thickness of 40 ~ 50m and a length of 400 ~ 500km.Selenium concentration is moderate and suitable for development and utilization. The average selenium content in soil is 0.5677mg/kg, and the selenium content in konjac powder is 0.912mg/kg, belonging to the selenium-rich region of the world’s rare soil which is easy to be absorbed by plants.


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The function and application of Konjac Ceramide

Konjac Ceramide, emerging in recent years, is the active ingredient of a kind of functional food and cosmetics.It has the effect of immunity enhancement, cancer prevention and anticancer, especially its highly effective moisturizing special features makes the Konjac Ceramide likely become a main ingredient of skin-care product in the future.The [...]

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