Innovative ELISA Tests: All You Need To Know About Them

23 Dec.,2022


elisa test for hiv

Innovative ELISA Tests: All You Need To Know About Them

Do you also want to know about enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay from the best ELISA kit providers in India? Then, this is your chance, so go ahead and read. 


For any CUSABIO Elisa Kit distributors, ELISA is an innovative point of discussion. Recently, it has been replacing the western blot examination for HIV confirmation. The ELISA test is not only versatile but also easily conductible. Medical professionals have no hard time dealing with it, unlike other complicated tests. 


What Are ELISA Tests All About? 


ELISA tests usually use components from chemicals and the immune system of the body. Further, it helps in the detection of the body’s immune responses. It involves an enzyme or a protein catalyzing the biochemical reaction. It also includes an antigen or antibody that may create an antigen-antibody reaction and offer a positive result. If they don't react, the result comes out as negative. 


A classic example of the use of an ELISA test is treating infections like HIV. It may also treat some allergic diseases such as food allergies or experimental investigations. Moreover, they help in identifying the compounds in a wide range of organisms. ELISA tests are also called immunosorbent assay or enzyme immunoassay. Especially, when the enzyme reacts with another compound as an indicator. 


Thirdly, the test depends on a microtiter plate which consists of a solid phase substrate. Moreover, it has a popular concentration attached to the plate that can ultimately result in a colour change. Relying on a standard curve for enzyme-antibody absorption, tests can offer a semi-quantitative identification of substances. 


How Does An ELISA Test Work?


  • The ELISA test variations consist of an antibody that is further attached to a solid surface. Meanwhile, the antibody consists of an affinity for the substance, such as bacteria or hormones. For instance, HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin hormone is a commonly measured protein for indicating pregnancy. 

  • One can easily detect it using ELISA. Further, it requires the addition of a mixture of pure HCG and the test sample to the test kit. If there is no HCG present in the test sample, the linked enzyme is only going to bind to its solid surface. 

  • The greater substance of interest present in the test sample, the less will linked enzyme attach to the solid surface. It will also cause a reaction if the substance of interest is present more. Finally, it will show up on the test plate in a variety of ways. 



These were some important and useful information about ELISA tests. Now, you can bring home the most reliable ELISA kits. All you have to do is get in touch with the best Elisa kits suppliers in India, Biochain. As far as quality is concerned, Biochain has no other match.