Ideal Formwork Solutions

26 Apr.,2023


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Ideal Formwork Solutions

2017-05-05 10:04:04

Using the ideal wall formwork solution for water/wastewater treatment projects ensures the integrity of the treatment structures. Aluma Systems has multiple formwork configurations to optimize a plant’s structural integrity while minimizing construction costs.

“Since 1972, our business has been a leader in providing cost-effective water and sewage treatment formwork systems,” says Sol Solomou, president of Americas Forming & Shoring.

Three Impactful Products

Logik 60 is a cost-effective, galvanized wall form system with only three main components that create a multitude of arrangements. The system can be integrated with Aluma Gang Forms, Aluma Connector Rail and Logik 360 for complete system integration. Logic 60 has an 80 kN/meter2 (1,800 lbs/sq ft) concrete pressure rating with large 2.4-m (25.8-sq-ft) x 2.7-m panels and is suitable for single-sided, double-sided, battered, and inclined wall and column forms. The panel units can be lifted without additional waling or bracing.

Logic 360 is a circular formwork system that is lightweight with few components and simple assembly methods. The entire system consists of an outer panel, an inner panel, and aligning, leveling, and locking clamps and ties.

The Lite Form hand set clamp system is a strong, safe and efficient solution that has an allowable pour pressure of 1,500 psf at any height. Three types of clamps have been created for versatility with field-friendly accessories: filler side rail sets, top yokes and mini clips. Lite Form has symmetrical panels and is suitable for single-sided, double-sided, angled, and inclined walls and columns.

Systems in the Field

These and other Aluma products can be seen across the country, including at the Flintrock WWTP expansion, Floresville WTP expansion, South Laredo WTP expansion and Capers Ridge Pump Station.

At the South Fork Wastewater Treatment Plant in Liberty Hill, Texas, a 0.8-MGD expansion was implemented to enable city growth and meet regulatory requirements. The expansion included headworks facilities, an MBR treatment plant, sludge processing and chemical storage facilities. Pepper Lawson Waterworks installed Logic 360 and Logic 60 as an integrated formwork system.

For four decades in more than 50 countries, Aluma Systems has been improving the quality and speed of construction. The company works across a diverse customer base to create custom solutions designed with both standard and/or custom fleets of equipment. For water and wastewater treatment projects, Aluma’s diverse portfolio of wall formwork systems combines with decades of experience to shorten construction durations and simplify forming applications. ◆

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Ideal Formwork Solutions

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