What is UV resistance & why does it matter?

15 Sep.,2022


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Designed for outdoor use

Plants and trees in this category are UV resistant. This means that they contain chemical absorbers, stabilisers and/ or blockers which protect the plants colour and structural integrity against the suns UV rays.

Many of the products have been tested in a testing chamber which has certified the foliage will last for at least one year with minimal fading when exposed to direct sunlight. We cannot provide specific guidance due to variables mentioned above.

Artificial flowers used in arrangements like hanging baskets, window boxes and patio tubs are manufactured using delicate silk which cannot contain the stabilisers and blockers mentioned above. Whilst the delicate materials are authentic, intricate and frankly much more realistic than plastic alternatives, they are likely to fade faster than our outdoor plants and trees.

In most cases, our outdoor flowers will last outside for many seasons with minimal fading. If they fade or discolour quickly, get in touch as you may be entitled to a refund or replacement under your statutory rights. Non-UV protected silk flowers are the norm across the artificial plant industry, as to our knowledge nobody can produce effective UV resistant silk.

You can find out full range of outdoor plants here.

Extending the lifespan of products

We have a separate blog post here which covering ways to extend the lifespan of your outdoor artificial plants. Alternatively these points summarise nicely.

  1. Rotate or turn the products regularly. This means that any gradual fading will occur all the way around the product, rather than on just one side, making it far less noticeable.

  2. Avoid placing plants, particularly non-UV stable versions, in south-facing areas. They will be exposed to more sunlight in these areas causing the UV resistance to wear off causing the plants to discolour faster.

  3. If you are planning to use flowers in a south facing area – choose pastel colours. Red dye degrades faster than all other colours and is very noticeable. Pinks and creams do fade however, they are far less noticeable than their darker counterparts.


Do artificial plants fade in the sun?  

Some artificial plants will fade in the sunlight, but our outdoor plants feature a premium grade chemical stabiliser, absorber and/ or blocker during the manufacturing stage, maximising their UV protection and keeping them looking great for longer. 

Find out how our bay laurel trees perform against the competition, including a UV ageing test. 

Should I use UV protection spray for artificial plants? 

We do not currently recommend applying UV sprays to any of our products. 

The acrylic spray generally contains an absorbing chemical which may extend the lifespan of both non-UV and UV resistant artificial plants. However, the overall effectiveness of sprays varies depending on the type of spray, amount sprayed onto the plant and the overall coverage. 

Sprays such as this can also leave a sticky finish that attracts dust and results in a less than optimal finish. 

Which types of artificial plants can have UV protection? 

Our range of outdoor plants with UV protection includes our artificial outdoor trees. Although our outdoor flowers cannot feature UV protection, they are designed for outdoor use for a minimum of 1 year. See our full range of products that can be used outside. 

How can UV protected outdoor plants be used in a garden? 

With the quality of UV protected plants, the main limit is your creativity. Find out more about UV resistance and protecting artificial plants from extreme weather by visiting the Artificial academy for guides and tips.