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30 Sep.,2022


What is the point of a chaise longue?

by Lewis Simpson 


Comfortable, stylish seating is the backbone of any living or reading room. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult deciding on what sort of furniture is going to work best for your home. While the first choice for many might be a basic, comes-in-a-box sofa, it’s worth considering the other options that are out there to make for a more beautiful and comfortable space.
When you think of France, what comes to mind? The world knows it for its art, food and romance, but one of its most prominent contributions to the world is beautiful classical furniture. The French have mastered style and comfort, with the most beautiful and comfortable sofas, chairs and beds to name a few. However, one piece that holds great importance to many homes is the chaise lounge.
A chaise longue is a long, upholstered chair that is typically designed with a single arm. The name ‘chaise longue’ is actually a direct French translation of ‘long chair’, so the clue really is in the name!
A chaise longue has two primary purposes. Firstly, it is an ideal place to recline and relax, for example whilst reading your favourite book. Secondly, they are beautiful pieces of classical furniture with a visual appeal not found anywhere else and is an extraordinary addition to any room and any space.
Along with these primary purposes, there are a multitude of benefits to choosing a chaise:

1) A chaise can make a small space appear larger

If you’ve only got a small space to work with, a chaise longue can make the room seem bigger. We at The Chaise Longue Company can build your chaise in any size, allowing you to put one in any space in your home.

2) Chaise longues are versatile

Chaise lounges are also incredibly versatile and if you’ve got a room with an unusual shape, finding furniture that fits can very much be a bit of a puzzle. With The Chaise Longue Co you can request a custom frame and can effortlessly solve this puzzle while still retaining serious style.

3) A chaise is great for additional seating space

Placing a chaise longue in your room will create an extra cosy space for you or guests to sit on when the house gets busy, rather than stuffing everyone onto the same two-seater or on the floor. With a chaise you get amazing comfort for everyone and more free space!

4) A chaise won’t interrupt your view

Chaise lounges are generally quite close to the ground. This means that they can be used in front of focal points, such as windows, fireplaces, archways and even beds without detracting from the other features in the room.

5) A chaise could add depth to your room

If your living room is made up of rectangles and straight lines, a chaise could be perfect for breaking up the monotony of all those right angles. With a chaise you can throw some curves into the mix with a stylish chaise lounge and create an interesting discussion point for your visitors while also gaining somewhere practical to rest, relax and unwind.