The best IKEA chaise lounges for napping

30 Sep.,2022




First of all: what exactly is a chaise lounge, and how is it different from a chaise longue?

Technically, they’re the same thing but we’ve decided to go along with the Americans and adopted lounge instead of longue. The term literally translates to “long chair”, long enough for you to stretch out on and, of course, nap.

So what makes a great chaise lounge? Comfort, of course, but there are a few more practical considerations, like:

With or without armrests? In a reclining position, it’s highly unlikely that I’d ever prop up my arms on the armrests, but they do provide that extra sense of security for people afraid of rolling off or those who like to snuggle into the corners.

Can or should a chaise lounge attach to a regular sofa be included here? IKEA sofa bed models like the Manstad, Friheten and Fagelbo are more like L-shaped sectionals that can be converted into a bed. For the sake of brevity, I’ve decided to limit this list to actual single seater chaise lounges.

How long is long enough? Being a little over five feet tall, I’ve never had any issues fitting comfortably on a chaise lounge, but taller people might find that the length is a significant aspect to consider. No one wants their legs to be dangling awkwardly off the edge.

With those highly scientific parameters in place, here are my top picks, ranked by optimum napability.

5. Äpplarö

Image credit: IKEA

A deck chair is like a chaise lounge, right? It’s a long chair that supports the legs, so that fits the bill, and it’s especially perfect as we head into the warmer months. All outdoor furniture pieces from the Äpplarö range are lovely, especially compared to the tacky plastic deck chairs of the past. I love the sun lounger because it’s easy to move around and has an adjustable backrest so it’s ideal for a nice afternoon on the patio, reading a book – just adjust it to lie flat when you feel sleep calling..

Unfortunately the thin padding doesn’t do much for comfort, but that could be a good thing because you don’t want to fall too deeply asleep in the sun and morph into a boiled lobster. The IKEA Äpplarö sofa still performs well, and you could get a decent 10-20 minute power nap if you really put your mind to it. Remember to wear sunscreen!

Napability rating: 5/10 snuggles

4. Stocksund

Image credit: IKEA

I still can’t decide if I actually love the English roll arm style of sofas or not, mainly because I feel like sometimes the gathered fabric on the armrests can look a bit fussy. However it is undoubtedly a lovely traditional style with the charming sofa legs. The Stocksund chaise lounge is incredibly comfortable due to the pocket springs in the cushions, and the backrest is the perfect height to lean against if you’d prefer to sit up and watch Netflix.

Napability rating: 6.5/10 snuggles

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3. Norsborg

IKEA Norsborg chaise lounge in grey slipcovers

What’s better than one chaise lounge? TWO of them side by side, so you’ve got plenty of space to spread out by yourself, or invite someone special to nap alongside you. The Norsborg range offers not just a regular chaise lounge but also a two-seater chaise lounge for all your supersized needs.

There’s also a regular chaise and like the rest of the Norsborg sofas, it comes with a side pocket for keeping remote controls, snacks and magazines. The Norsborg chaise is also significantly more roomy than the Stocksund, measuring almost 20cm wider. I love the super comfy cushions, and the high armrests cast a pleasant shadow for just the right amount of darkness for a late afternoon nap.

Napability rating: 7/10 snuggles

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2. Ektorp

IKEA Ektorp chaise lounge in grey slipcovers

What else is there to say about the Ektorp that hasn’t been said already? It’s a modern classic with its roll arm and long skirt with corner pleats but the (sadly discontinued) Ektorp chaise lounge remains an eternal favourite, if a simple Ebay search is anything to go by. Interestingly, it’s offered with the armrest in the left or right configuration, or a standalone version.

In terms of style, it’s incredibly versatile no matter which version you have. I love the idea of pushing two left and right chaise lounges next to each other to create a super chaise like the Norsborg, or just having one simple chaise in your reading nook.

Napability rating: 8/10 snuggles

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1. Kivik

IKEA Kivik chaise lounge in white slipcovers

Let me preface this by admitting that I’m biased, because at home I have a Kivik chaise lounge decked out in a custom slipcover. But my personal preferences aside, it’s at the top of the list for a reason. The Kivik doesn’t have armrests, so it’s extra roomy for nappers who prefer to spread out and two children could probably share it comfortably. Ikea says that the top layer is memory foam, so it’s entirely possible to take a long, comfortable nap in this Kivik.

Overall napability: 9/10 snuggles

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If your nap station is looking a little tired, it must just need a little love – we can recommend investing in a cosy new throw, some supportive cushions (look after your back and your back will look after you), or even a fresh set of covers.