How Long do Artificial Hedges Last & Other Faux Plant FAQs

15 Sep.,2022


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Artificial hedges last for years when manufactured with commercial-grade materials. All faux hedges from Artificial Plants Unlimited are made with top quality materials and special UV protection mixed in during the manufacturing process. 

Often used as privacy screens, artificial hedges can also be used to separate a large space into permanent or mobile smaller sections.

Growing real hedges would take years, not to mention the regular maintenance involved. The leaves and branches would eventually require pruning and the plant itself may not grow properly or become damaged from severe weather.

A simpler and more cost-effective solution is to use faux hedges. Artificial foliage will eliminate hours of care—saving time and money for homeowners and businesses alike. If you’d like to create your own privacy screen, take a look at this buying guide for outdoor artificial hedges to help in planning your project.